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How To Beat The Fake Microsoft Virus Scam Syskey PASSWORD.

If you or someone you know has become a victim of those Indian idiots who remote-control computers and put a password on them so you can’t get back in, here’s a free and easy way to remove their password so you can get back into your computer. If you don’t have a USB flash drive with Windows 8 or 10, to get to your computer’s automatic repair in Windows 8 and Windows 10, you may need to attempt to start up your computer, then hold the power button and immediately shut it down before the…

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32 Comments on How To Beat The Fake Microsoft Virus Scam Syskey PASSWORD.

  1. This fake Microsoft scam is HORRIBLE. The Indian telemarketers who are promoting and executing this extortion scam should be arrested, charged, prosecuted, and imprisoned. It's CRIMINAL! THOUSANDS of senior citizens are being taken by this online computer scam, probably including your friends, neighbors, parents, or relatives. Spread the word and tell them THIS IS A SCAM – ignore the fake website warnings that scream "YOUR COMPUTER IS INFECTED" or "YOUR PASSWORDS HAVE BEEN STOLEN." And NEVER call the toll-free telephone number that appears on the screen.

  2. Thank you for the help! Worked like a charm

  3. What does the system restore do?

  4. Great video! Thanks for the info. I haven’t fallen for any scam yet, but almost! Luckily, i haven’t had anyone use syskey, but it is good to know how to recover anyway.

  5. Omg I paid $1300.00 for my computer 5 years ago a I was supposed to send it to Microsoft, it's still in my box in my room only used for a week, so you mean I can get my computer back,its the same lock you showed on the first of your video, you are a life saver, that's how happy you made me today my brother, I won't forget this and I will Suscribe to your channel and comment and like all of your videos and share if I can really get my new/lol expensive computer working again. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!!!!!!!

  6. 1:35 I hate to be an Indian…people think ALL Indians are scammers….I would right a suicide note about this and die…then they will know it

  7. Can I call you to fix mine?

  8. I have tried this but it says 'the process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process' help me

  9. Just came back from a camp and typically that was the one time I was unreachable by phone, my younger sister called them up. Luckily paid nothing but now has syskey that I have to spend my afternoon fixing whilst she cries about having someone get into her computer, her stupidity and the fact that her personal life now feels invaded with the potential of identity stolen.

    A right pain in the arse for everyone and incredibly distressing for the victim. Luckily all uni work is backed up, but a pig for me to spend the evening fixing now.

    HA HA, turns out the simpletons uses a syskey password of 123 !!! Saved me a load of time with recovery disks. BOOYAAA

    Also apparently the following are worth trying.

    123 or 1234 or abcd.

  10. Thank You so much you just saved $250

  11. How did you find the drive? I'm trying to follow the exactly steps that you did but you went from the windows thing and then C:/>dir came up and some other stuff with the numbers. How did you do that

  12. Thank you so much for this video, a member of my family accidentally did this to her laptop and after a couple of hours of trying to fix it I came across you, I now have access to her laptop and she is so relieved, I am definitely going to tell people about this, thanks again ????????????????????????

  13. You are a life saver.

  14. Thank you so much for your help it really works, What you need to do to avoid this kind of scams?

  15. How did he do a manual system restore

  16. I don't know if this is because this lady's computer is this poorly managed or if the scam has been updated, but I cannot access the command prompt because it says the computer "has no administrators"

  17. So this thing happened with my dad's computer. I followed the steps exactly through to command prompt and everything seemed to to happen exactly like in the video. I turned it off then on again but it didn't work. Any ideas? The laptop is toshiba.

  18. I dont no the pass word windoes 10 how do i get back on line

  19. I was scammed, same story everyone has shared. Recently the scammer started to contact me again threw WhatsApp (4months after the scam) . I wanted to share this because these guys are continuing to violate my privacy. They gave me a password to get into my computer. Are they still able to access my computer when I am on it?
    I was charged $99.99 for a Fortnite video game scam. My phone number was used and Verizon is charging me for this game. I have never played or downloaded any game apps on any devices. Verizon said they "can not remove the charge, without Epic Games consent". Epic Games will not respond to the email I sent them. The contact phone numbers I have found do not have customer support. I read other forums about this scam, and there was no resolution or response from Fortnite/ Epic Games.
    Prevent this from happening to you! Call Verizon and make sure you block any app purchase from your phone provider.
    It's a shit way for Verizon to make a buck, allowing the purchase, but they can't remove it. Even when they tell you that they know it was a scam. They know we need our phones, and will pay so they will not be turned off. Once you pay you will never be refunded. Hope this is not related, but I have a feeling it is.

  20. So is it really a forward slash first and then a back slash? Scarey stuff so we need to know which we use.

  21. how to know if its scam is by testing them scammers will be annoyed fast but real Windows workers are professional. and arent annoyed

  22. OMG THANK YOUUU SOOOO MUCH you have saved my life!!!!

  23. 3/16/18 Windows 10.1 Fall Creator OS
    I like to write – and share my stories… You can skip down to the " –> " for the main steps.
    After fussing around inside the hard drive, and attempting all the recovery options that normally work – as PHASE 1 of the ACTUAL solution, I bought a FIXMESTICK (never used one before). FIXMESTICK provided all the recovery options that Windows normally offers,. On this version of the hack, the system would not recognize ANY removable USB/DVD/CD media to recover the OS. AND any attempt to enter the F2, F12, Esc recovery/boot options other than editing the BIOS settings, would perform a fake startup cycle that never finished, OR the not so lovely SYSKEY password pop up.

    –> For me, the FIXMESTICK was required. Disclaimer: I'm an independent IT professional, not affiliated with FIXMESTICK nor any other electronics company. This is now going to be a permanent tool in my traveling IT kit (before windows 8 and 10, I used SpinRite as my goto for HDD/OS issues). There MAY be other options than the FIXMESTICK, but this never failed to offer me all the normal recovery options, and was only about $20 per license at FRYs., easy and fun to use in this situation. HOWEVER, none of the usual restores nor boot options accessed thru the FIXMESTICK got rid of the SYSKEY screen.

    –> I NEEDED A PHASE 2 solution because of the SYSKEY password screen. ADDITIONALLY, after each RESTORE point was tried, the system or hack deleted the restore or relocated it… WHAT A TEASE! Without the FIXMESTICK device, the system would start a boot process and show the never ending spinning circle – even when left running overnight., I bought it at Fry's, 3 licenses for $50 or $60.

    Now my focus was just the system admin password (SAM PASS or SYSKEY), and recovery/virus removal would be later.

    I found two options on YouTube and/or Reddit, and who knows where else
    1. Download and run "samreset.iso" on a bootable USB to allow you to reset the password. BUT – the hackers limited something such that my bootable USB was not recognized. I considered this the safest option because it was localized to this special password. Regardless of which port or removable storage i tried, this hacked system would not recognize the media no matter which of the USB ports I used. So this option was off the list.

    2. –> PHASE 2 SOLUTION THAT WORKED: My investigation of the main hard drive in this hacked system, showed a number of strange configurations. Basically, it looked like a mini replacement of the OS was created on drive X. The free and used storage space seemed reasonable to support the idea that all the files were still on the hard drive somewhere, in some format. The boot up drive, now X, had teaser recovery/restore points, and none of the client's personal files nor added software programs. When I watched this YouTube video, I was thinking this is great news! My curiosity had already seen many of the C:windows files were present, early in the discovery process. LATER, I found for each restore I attempted, the hacker removed the restore point or files… At one point, all the files under drive C, disappeared and had foreign language files and some hacker planted files.

    So… I was already thinking how to get X out of the way, and C fixed and back online…. But it was not AS EASY AS THIS VIDEO DEMONSTRATES – but close enough to work with some adjustments. When I returned to drive C, the files I had seen, including restore points, were gone. Something was triggered when I ran the Windows recovery options, that then modified drive C to be only a stub with hacker files – NONE of the files that this video describes remained on drive C, but were there on my first examination using Command Prompt. Here is my take on the 2nd part of the solution, which I thought was more risky – but what did I have to lose at this point? Besides my patience and sanity?

    [NOTE: I would change the instructions in this video slightly, instead of entering the DIR command, use DIR /A /P
    Option /A will list all the files including hidden files; Option /P will display the list of files, one page at a time, instead all at once]

    Since I figured the hackers probably moved everything to yet another drive identifier, I kept entering drive letters….
    a: not found b: not found
    c: nearly all the files were gone except for a bunch of language files and hacker modified items. Ugh!
    d: rather than the factory recovery drive area, this is my FIXMESTICK that I booted from.
    I had to use F2 to get into the BIOS and set the USB as the primary boot option, and move the HDD to a 2ndary option. .
    e: Success and Luck! The files I needed for drive C had been moved to another new drive, drive E. …There is Hope of Recovery.
    x: the hacker's dummy or mini OS designed to keep the SYSKEY in place.
    I believe the hackers disabled something for USB ports that the FIXMESTICK was able to get past. I don't know this as a fact, but it was the best solution I found- that worked well with this YouTube video's solution. I thought I better do it right the first time, or another round of Whack A Mole to find the files might occur – or worse… a trigger to just wipe out all copies of my client's files.

    So.. I did the same command as the video listed above – using e: instead of c:
    dir /A /P (found the windows directory, and each subfolder as expected… 🙂
    cd windowssystem32configregback
    copy . e:windowssystem32config
    ANSWER "ALL" when the system asks you to overwrite the files, DEFAULT, SAM, SECURITY, SOFTWARE, SYSTEM
    Exit (takes you back to the Recovery Options page)
    Select "Turn Computer Off"

    NOTE that I did not copy the files to drive C. I kept everything on drive E.

    It worked!!!! Note that the initial restart boot takes a little more time, but once Windows 10 date/time and screen saver started to display….
    Totally totally happy!

    I hope this might help some of you folks out there. I thought I was going to lose this battle – which would be a first. I am as stubborn as those hackers are malicious. I can't tell you how many times I refused to give up and managed to recover all personal files (or nearly all). This situation was not going to allow a full reset either. The only other option was perhaps replace the hard drive and connect the original HDD ad a removable drive onto a separate system to pull off the personal files.

    I HATE TO LOSE TO CRIMINALS, if I can avoid it! Took quite a bit of time to drill down to find this YouTube site, but definitely the easiest solution once you get there. I'm just another person that would rather spend my time finding a solution rather than pay the $499 or $399 that this hacker had represented as a Microsoft Employee – complete with badge number, ticket number, first and last name – looked pretty real to my customer. FYI – MS support agents generally only give you a first name, and ticket number, and a call back number if you get disconnected.

  24. Thanks for that dude, I've never been scammed and hopefully never will. The only situation I got myself into is when I went on to web page and then there virus alert came up on screen out of the web on pc. my PC wouldn't do anything so it's so froze, so I rang the number, I knew it was a scam so I rung the number and he said to me yes your pc has been infected we need to get into your system and sort it out for you. I just said you don't need to do anything! So all I did was press the reset button and the PC build booted up so unless you're not actually installing something then those websites that flash with a virus saying you're infected, not infected at all.

    But if I ever get to a point and end up been locked out then at least you have told me how to get out of it.

    Thank you

  25. My God!!!! your a genius booted my grandmothers laptop , after she let idian scammers syskey her, and put it in safe mode, installed malwarebytes and reactivated windows defender!

  26. I fell for this about 4 years ago. They told me the syskey and i only need it if i restart my computer. 1)Do they still have access to my computer? 2)Is it safe to do the steps in the video if the syskey occurred 4 years ago and I have alot of new data on the computer? 3)Will it reset my computer or keep it how it is now(4 years later)?


  28. if they manage to put a password on your pc.. try this password: prakashkhuteta123

  29. I’m not tech savvy can you please explain how to do this on a Windows 7?

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