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How To Build A Gaming PC – FULL Beginners Guide

A Full in-depth build guide on building a PC with overclocking GPU and Ram, installation of Windows and Installing Drivers as well!
►Gaming Benchmarks:
►Full Parts List (US)◄
iFixit ToolKit (Optional):
Anti-static Wrist Strap (Optional):
Comfast WIFI Adapter (Optional):
MSI Z370-A…

38 Comments on How To Build A Gaming PC – FULL Beginners Guide

  1. One minor mistake on my end is at 9:13
    I called the Sata Power Cable a 'Data Cable' my mistake!

  2. Would a core i5 work

  3. Excellent walkthrough, I did pretty much the same build with some variations , core 7, 32gigs ram, 5tb hd, one issue I have run into is the front headphone jack does not function, checked the connections they are where they should be, any recommendations?

  4. You're missing a lot of important information, Bitwit's guide is much better.

  5. For some reason my pc fron audio ports dont work can someone tell me what cable or step i missed

  6. extremely helpful that deserved a sub

  7. My case only has the power switch and nothing else is that bad

  8. Ok I made the exact same build as you how can I connect the internet with the Ethernet cable I have it plugged in and it isn't show it as if its connected only with the wifi adapter

  9. been using this video to build my own pc I call "Utsukushi-sa", aka Beauty in Japanese! Runs everything super well, everything on max settings runs so smooth. Here are my specs:
    Intel Core i7-7700K
    G Skill Ripjaws 16 GB DDR4 RAM
    EVGA GeForce GTX 1060 6GB
    Sandisk SSD 480 GB
    Seagate Barracuda 2TB

    Such a great build. I love it

  10. Can anybody link parts for a pc build with a budget of 250$, (already have a case and power cable)

  11. I can’t put the io shield in 🙁

  12. Dear everyone who sees this comment. I just wanna ask y'all something. for months have i wanted to get a gaming pc so i could game. My parents wont buy me one. Where not the type of people that own a house. I just wanna ask everyone if they could please donate to my GoFundMe at this link . My last resort was go fund me. But i only have 20 dollars in my wallet along with two 2 dolllar bills. If anyone decides to help me out just know that i will be extremely thankful.

  13. Hey please help. I'm 13 and I want to build a pc, I mostly want it to play fort it's and more and especially record and stream

  14. Umm hay dude! I’m just 15 and I get motivated by this since my old pc is nearly on brink of death and ya so im planning to buy parts by parts and upgrade my pc by following your guide.It is really helpful!

  15. Can anyone recomend some other frames, green if possible

  16. I see that it’s good but..

    Can it handle fortnite well?

  17. "If it doesn't fit in the first time turn it upside down and plug it again." That took place in my life with chargers

  18. Is the cables come with the products or what??

  19. How much does this all cost?

  20. Yag Mum Ruoy ↪️

  21. I got the same motherboard and case but had so much trouble trying to fit the motherboard inside the iO shield. Anybody have any clue what I might have been doing wrong?

  22. Do you need those programa at the end or no?

  23. Is the intel core i3 still good?

  24. Can u use a i5 in this

  25. I would like to build that same pc

  26. I think I might build this one oooks neat

  27. How much does all of those cost

  28. What are the other extra unused ports For?

  29. Do you have to overclock

  30. I’m going to most likely build this


  32. What do the drivers do and do u you need them

  33. What nuts did u use to fit the motherboard?

  34. Where's the ssd ? Cos I have watched this video like a million times and I'm asking for these parts for Christmas and wondering if u have any suggestions for a good ssd and maybe a couple of cheap fans ?? Good video ????????????????

  35. Can I add a ryzen 5 1600 instead of a core i3

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