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How to bypass Android Lockscreen Tips & Tricks (Rooted devices) Kitkat

This is a tip on how to unlock android devices if you forgot password or for some reason it bugged and can’t unlock it, or it can be considered as a bypass, but since google took out the option to restart the password with your e-mail this is a must have !

*This works for other devices too that are rooted, not only for Galaxys S3

— If links doesn’t work pls tell me and i’ll try to update!

Thanks for watching.
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20 Comments on How to bypass Android Lockscreen Tips & Tricks (Rooted devices) Kitkat

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  2. how do i like lock my tablet so nobody can get on accept me?

  3. Mail me the .zip file please.

  4. Samsung Galaxy s4 ?

  5. @SNEH PODDAR please explain what are you doing first, if you don´t have an sdcard then from the recovery menu you can turn on usb Debugging and you can copy the file

  6. my phone i already locked how can i open when usb debugging off pllzzzz hlp

  7. Hi, the won't work with Huawei Ascend G510. It initializes but it suddenly aborts the installation. Please help. Thanks!

  8. Thanks for your prompt replay. I will try as you suggest.

  9. Hi, Thank you for posting this. I have one question. is the aroma file manager installed on phone by the manufacturer? or  do I need to install it to my phone? if I need to install it, how? Please help.  I don't want to loss my data.  Thanks!

  10. does this work on samsung s5? Thanks for any help it is deafault settings (password lock ) dont want to loose data thanks for any help

  11. @Mohit Singla yes its working just checked right now, here you go the direct link, I guess on comments I can put the direct link :!hlJ1kKDJ!REH_Q7AdufPnDKCC4r9Pon9LsNKejOhHKaL_-ToNzvQ

  12. plzz…update the link…it don't work…

  13. firstly am i going to lose my data(contacts, photos, apps etc) if i use this way????
    secondly, is it working in phones locked by too many patern attempts???
    pls answer… +intoSmartphones Toderici 

  14. thanx alooooooot it's worked with my phone verizon galaxy note3 thanx thanx thanx

  15. @Denojan Ravi use the latest version and put try to put on the memory phone if on the sdcard doesn't work! also this doesn't install nothing just starts the aroma menu

  16. When i install aroma unlocker its saying "E:signature verification failed" help me plz ?

  17. thanks very much good guide and clear instructions

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