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How to calibrate display on windows 10

Out of the box, your PC monitor is usually too bright, and the colors are typically oversaturated. That may not be an issue if all you do is spreadsheet work, but if you’re editing photos or video, or even just watching movies, you’ll want to fine-tune the colors for accuracy.

Sure, you could spend $60 or more for color-calibration software and hardware, and that might be money well spent if you’re a graphics professional or a movie buff who’s finicky about faithful color reproduction….

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4 Comments on How to calibrate display on windows 10

  1. Would you please tell me the name of the background music? thanks;-)

  2. unfortunately my color profile is reset after the fulscreen game in windows 10. I just roll down to win 8.1

  3. why . u followed the steps accurately

  4. It shows unspecified error to me

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