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How to change Windows 10 default browser

Windows 10 tips and tricks: How to change your default browser on Windows 10?
Short tutorial on how you can change your default browser in Windows 10 for computers in 5 easy steps.

Opera is a fast browser for Windows 10 and earlier versions.
Download it for free at

12 Comments on How to change Windows 10 default browser

  1. thank you, i've installed windows 10 before 10 minutes ago and i dont know how the mechanics work

  2. Edge is gonna take over. For people who haven't used it yet: omg your missing out, its fucking crazy!

  3. why do i do this? edge rules!

  4. Changed mine to Chrome

  5. Узнал это до того как посмотрел это видео.

  6. When did I subscribe to you? wtf ._.

  7. Good job Opera! Meanwhile Mozilla decided to just bitch about it instead.

  8. Opera and opera next both crash on 10.

  9. need #windows10  universal Opera browser, for Phone and pc both, Please provide it as soon as possible.

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