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How to Clean Your Room – The Best Room Cleaning Tutorial! Bedroom Cleaning Ideas (Clean My Space)

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In this video, I show you my amazing, tried and true room cleaning method. I promise this will make cleaning your room a breeze.

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20 Comments on How to Clean Your Room – The Best Room Cleaning Tutorial! Bedroom Cleaning Ideas (Clean My Space)

  1. Omagawd….jk….but really omg I loved this video it was sooooo helpful.But me as (not gonna actually say my age)a younger person than you has a lllloooootttt more thing than you.But I have a smaller space!But I was searching up videos that will really motivate me and this one SO worked.Now i'm suscribed and gonna watch your clloset video!

  2. Wow – this girl knows how to make a video! Fantastic! I wish I lived in a room as pretty as hers.

  3. I Did Step One In 1 Hour! :D

  4. phase 3 is my favorite

    phase 1 is a bitch

  5. love your videos I am a sub

  6. Was the end a joke or done on purpose ? (before/after)

  7. So basically, don't be lazy and use common sense?…..

  8. My name is Melisa!lol

  9. Wow the before was so clean y did u make it all dirty lol go to 6:40 and look

  10. Your video's have helped me alot. Can you do a video on kid areas/toys/room?

  11. U Said Glass Cleaner Twice xD.

  12. Hey melissa you guys should make a phone application that would be super dooper

  13. Ne of the cleanest houses

  14. You put the clean room in before and dirty in after you put opposite (before and after picture!

  15. I watch these just to see this beautiful woman.

  16. When the room is tidy in ur eyes even when she thought it was dirty lol my room is way worse

  17. as if you live in the cleanest house in the world

  18. :O loved it you should too

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