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How To Code a Hack For ANY Game! C# – Game Hacking #1

This is pt. 1 of a long soon to come series! Hope you learned a lot! What should I go over next?
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VS 2017:
Assault Cub:
MPGH Addy’s + Offsets:
Final Code:…

29 Comments on How To Code a Hack For ANY Game! C# – Game Hacking #1

  1. in this tutorial we do not go over how to make a cheat undetected, that will be later in the series, so please only test this on games without an anti cheat!

  2. How to make iOS mod menus?

    Edit : is it possible

  3. it says that there is a missing dll file when i try downloading, i tried redownloading it too. please help

  4. Quick tip, if you use Japanese characters in you user name, people will assume that you are just very good.

  5. This work for csgo?

  6. Thank you I'm finally good at doing it you the best keep up the good work

  7. You guys really need to speak to CGH. He has proven to be the best hackeraround! He does not disappoint tillerdonald57(@gmailcom) You can see alot of reviews about him already. This hacker is hands down the best I’ve hired. His email is tillerdonald57@gmailcom and I recommend him to everyone reading this post.

  8. i have a problem it says vam can no be used

  9. can u do aimbot tutorial

  10. btw bro can you please contact me: i would like to learn how to code and you could teach me

  11. how do you get the codes for the esp

  12. does work with roblox?

  13. 5:53 i dont have browse section im using visual studio 2019 community

  14. how do you mkae it work on the actual game

  15. why does mine say System.NotImplementedException

  16. can i make this for fortnite?

  17. Thanks For You Video man , But if we want to Change a stats in a game with a server behind How we can do that ??? You know when You change the value but its only for you not for the server how ce can make that true pls if you can make video for that , like for mmorpg , or other game THX 😀

  18. I don't understand anything ;-;

  19. got the coding right, but it didnt work

  20. Are you still replying to people who need help

  21. who else from landons video


  23. Can i make fortnite hacks, that will be cool!.

  24. help the int localPlayer = Vam.ReadInt32((IntPtr)Base); is saying vam is "A feild initulizer cannot reference the non-static field, method or property 'offsets.vam'" plz help

  25. does it work on online game????

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