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How To Create A Windows 10 Boot USB/DVD 2017 Tutorial!

Hi guys, Tech James here,

This tutorial will show you how to create a Windows 10 boot USB or DVD, you require 4GB of free space on the USB/DVD before you install Windows 10!

Link (Windows 10 Media Creation Tool):

Music: GIEDIEJON – Closure (

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37 Comments on How To Create A Windows 10 Boot USB/DVD 2017 Tutorial!

  1. Can I do this with windows 7 or windows 8

  2. what size DVD do I need to make a windows 10 install disk?

  3. My window 10 is corrupt what i need to do i think my hardisk crash

  4. Thx I subbed and like????????!

  5. It won't fucking boot from the DVD

  6. Will it work on 4 gb pen drive??

  7. Iris Easiest way is go website Thekey365 . Com . It works and it's easy. like it

  8. Maud *Try website Thekey365 . Com . 100% genuine and shipping quickly. Very happy to deal *

  9. cant save the iso file lol

  10. will the windows be activated??

  11. Instead of playing music while you jump through screens that can't be read, how about saying what you are doing instead. These are the WORST fail examples of howto videos.

  12. problem with getting file at the tool

  13. If I Download this onto a USB then use that USB for my computer that’s “an operating system wasn’t found. Try disconnecting any drives that don’t co rain an operating system. Press crtl + Alt + Del to restart” will that work?

  14. Could i use the same steps that you use to burn a disc to put it in a USB

  15. Thx I from russia

  16. Thanks dude you save my life

  17. One question: Will I be able to install it without a cd-key? I mean, will it let me through the installation process without the cd-key, cuz I'd like to activate it afterwards…

  18. will this reinstall windows if I wipe my hard drive?

  19. Thank you so much! This helped me a lot as my son doesn't need to wait 3 weeks anymore for his PC to be repaired!

  20. Hey, it worked! . . . .I'm gonna' try to boot my other PC . . . .Thanks for the info . . .

  21. ty for help xD just done 1

  22. why it wont find my iso files?

  23. i cant boot with that dvd

  24. How I could do that If my PC is broke? Smart!!

  25. I originally have windows 7 so do I have to reinstall windows7 before I reinstall windows10?

  26. tank's man. I managed to make my Windows 10 CD.

  27. but i wont find the tool it just show the download no tool

  28. it says we can't find a usb flash drive.. when it is already in.. plus it also shows on da file explorer and i also formatted it… what is the problem

    reply soon please

  29. Can there be anything else on the USB?

  30. I can't download the Windows 10

  31. If I want download that on USB wich option i need to select? USB… or ISO… ?

  32. Why do you removed Edge browser??

    People STILL BLAME MS for EDGE/IE 🙁

    Come on people! Give MS CHANGE!

  33. hey bro you are doing good i subscribed your channel can you plz subcribe mah channel

  34. I cant download the Media Creator it downloads a Random burner shit

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