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How to customize desktop in Windows 10 with Rainmeter

Hello Guys! In this tutorial I am going to show you how to customize your desktop in windows 10 with the help of Rainmeter.

Download Links –
Sorry about the “All in one Link” that got Expired, and nowadays I am away from my PC.
So, please download each files separately.

Rainmeter –

Hi Tech – Wallpaper –

Tech Overkill Rainmeter Skin…

43 Comments on How to customize desktop in Windows 10 with Rainmeter

  1. Look like my youtube wallpaper ????

  2. is support in windows 7

  3. Does it work on windows 7

  4. But in win7. I got error to install

  5. I dont get any thing on screen then i disable moveable.. if i do it nothing happens. only i cannot mode the cirkel… i dont get what stof where came on your screen then you do it…and i have follow your guide step by step. so i hobe some on can help me

  6. Does it give you a virus?

  7. Make sure the talk and video is nice and good for the video

  8. please ur intro song please

  9. i can't download please me suggestion

  10. Very nice and ossum

  11. How do i know if you are not scammer from Call center

  12. still not as good as linux

  13. Very very thanks friend

  14. Awesome, enjoy your vids!

  15. it's something about Indians
    lots of helpful tech nerds(in a good way)
    be it phone, computers or simple trouble shooting.
    thanks guys

  16. Ich verstehe deine Sprache zwar nicht aber das war so cool echt tolles Video

  17. While I do really appreciate things like this, I do not now nor EVER recommend downloading and installing this stuff be cause oh I dunno maybe these things called A VIRUS comes with this stuff and it's not ok. Smh

  18. A silly waste of system resources.

  19. How to add a text on it?

  20. Thanks so much!

  21. Dude is there a way by which any such futuristic looking theme applies to Control Panel, File Explorer, too?

  22. NK Softeck does this affect the pc performance by a lot?

  23. i cant understand a damn thing

  24. cousin benson has the monies

  25. your accent is killing me.. with german as first language

  26. NEVER!!! trust a indian

  27. thanks my pc worked exelent

  28. hey traducilo en español
    por favor

  29. Bro i need the video to use rainmeter 4.0 in windows 10 with this amazing features and setups

  30. Sorry, i had trouble hearing you over the smell of curry

  31. green version please <3

  32. Hii bro give whatsapp number plzz download and setup this throw team veiwer

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