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How to customize desktop in Windows 10

✔️ ✔️ How to customize desktop in Windows 10? Don’t worry Customize windows desktop as you wish. Download files and follow instructions:-


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33 Comments on How to customize desktop in Windows 10

  1. Stop That Annoying music for God's sake

  2. Can you name the background music please?

  3. my honeycomb is not working
    ….some kind of error is taking place

  4. I’m off as soon as the music plays

  5. 7 ads in 10 minutes

  6. Web address গুলো দেখা যায় না এগুলো high light করে দেখালে ভাল হত আর ব্যাকগ্রাউন্ড মিউজিক বাদ দিয়ে ভিডিও বানালে আরও clearly বুঝা যেত

  7. worst background music ever

  8. Why do people keep on using that awful fucking song.

    It's fucking everywhere.

  9. loved your customizations bro. keep it up

  10. Do not customize and do not install this software it will slows down your system.

  11. Hello how to create an own icon?

  12. these fucking tutorial songs should die….

  13. What if the honeycomb skin wont open the program?

  14. I have one question, After i downloaded all the skins and the rainmeters.. When i clicked my application in the desktop doesnt work. Please help me! Thankyou & more power. 🙂 ..

  15. Awesome tutorial! But why not go eve further with a Windows custom theme? Here are some minimalistic theme that I recommend:

  16. i want to customise desktop but not with 3rd part application

  17. its not work for me , when i install it and finish , i got an error with this text "no skin in folder"

  18. thanks buddy I was way looking for free customisation and you made it , so thank you very much

  19. bruv all these customs dont work when you restart your computer. you have to start rainmeter application again to get your custom…anyways the customization was good….i do this stuff my self but the restart problem just kills it.

  20. *Uses ad revenue to buy better internet.*

  21. well dont report ,e for my comments .lol was bored and keep up with your work

  22. i didn't even start the video and i'm getting bad vibes from it already by glancing through the
    comments .lol

  23. thank u very much

  24. Sach Batana Bhai .
    India ???????? Se Hona Tum ??

  25. Can it affect the performance and use more RAM and CPU usage

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