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How to Download ROM Hacks [Windows] [2015]

I apologize for the poor audio quality in this video. I don’t know what happened.

This tutorial covers how to download and play GBA Pokémon ROM hacks. Watch in 1080p for the best quality.

Don’t forget to change the save type to Flash 128K on the original VBA by going to Options, Emulator, Save Type, Flash 128K. This doesn’t matter for all games (for example, MegaMan works fine with Flash 64K), but with Pokémon, it is important.

To get fullscreen in the original VBA without it get super…

21 Comments on How to Download ROM Hacks [Windows] [2015]

  1. So can you get rom hacks on a sega genesis cartrige

  2. Hello everyone! I've made an updated version of this video on my channel, a lot of things are different now. If you are having trouble be sure to check out this video . Check out some of my other videos too while your there!

  3. i am trying to patch pokemon glazed using an emerald rom. i am using that usp program u reccomend but it doesnt work for me can you help?

  4. does this work for moblie

  5. What about .bin files? what would I use for this? I want to play Kirby in sonic 1 or 2, and the online versions are too laggy, and both patch files are .bin.

  6. Can you do this on any emulater as long as the game can be played on without the patch

  7. Is it possible to inject such a hacked rom into a hacked n3DS and play it on the virtual console?

  8. mine says inout checksum invalid when i try to apply ups patch for pokemon resolute

  9. QUESTION! Will this method work for hacking nes/snes/etc. roms?

  10. i did this and it says the patch was successful for this sigma emerald but when i try to run it, the game just white screens only or it just completely doesnt let me do it

  11. thanks bud now i can try out my first rom hack pokemon glazed

  12. Should everything still work if I am using Windows 10 and VBA10?

  13. I am considering making a newer tutorial to address some newer issues (especially those related to finding ROMs and some specific issues with Emerald). Like this comment if you would appreciate that.

  14. VisualBoyAdvance keep trying to load but when its 100% it goes back to 89% and sometimes 99% Im using Pokemon Sweet if thats the problem but it does the same thing with regular FireRed.

  15. It doesnt work anymore!! also how can u tell which LIPS and that other kind of stuff u need

  16. Hey ummm…. I tried to do Pokemon Emerald on the completerom website and I don't know how to access it, can you please help?

  17. the rom im trying to patch is dups and im stuck on what to do

  18. Great! now i can finally play the game i wanted! Thankyou!

  19. Ok, So I have my FireRed Rom. I have Pokémon Life Alpha. And I downloaded VisualBoyAdvance. I extract stuff. I try doing what you do, then it pops up as a black tab with some words that don't mean anything to me and a white tab with a percentage that keeps changing, I'm really not experienced with this so please do you know what I did wrong and what I can do to fix it?

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