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How to fake a fingerprint and break into a phone

Nearly every modern smartphone comes with a fingerprint reader — but they’re not as secure as they look. All it takes to fake a fingerprint is dentistry paste and some Play-Doh.

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33 Comments on How to fake a fingerprint and break into a phone

  1. People can steal your fingerprints. People can steal your passcode people can steal your face. Nothing is secure and nothing is safe it's all an illusion. So why worry about it.

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  3. this vidio is pure rubbish.

  4. What if i saw a Phone with fingerorint and do not have the original Fingerprint?? what shoud I do?

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  8. 0:40 Is it just me or does the guy look like Tom Holland

  9. no phone worth the money if get in to to it so easy

  10. I touched somebody's mobile for guiding address, Google map will they misuse for finger prints?

  11. all the phone should been cheap to buy now not worth deal phone l feel sorry shop owns try make a living now know people think twice about buy real deal of phone to me should 5.00 pound only to 20.00 pound only because get into it not worth money

  12. only me use my phone someone got into it on 9th may 2019 4.40 pm maybe not saying is phone people not on v phone that coming up here

  13. Just remember one thing people. They have to have physical access to your device in order for This to work. Just don't be stupid and leave your phone unattended in public and you'll be secured.

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  15. This man's hairline predicted the iPhone X notch lol

  16. Jokes on you, I don’t have a fingerprint.

  17. Rubber stamp fingerprints how

  18. SwifthackerjamesATgmailDOTCom helped me hack a phone and yh I saw Every info in my phone

  19. But, your average John isn't going to have all this tech on him.

  20. Learning how to break into my mom's phone so I can turn on the WiFi hotspot while she is asleep lol

  21. PARANOID MUCH???? I have a better chance of getting kill by an asteroid than someone stalking me to get my fingerprint so they can steal my phone sometime later.

  22. That is a Galixy s 6

  23. bakwas he yarr bahut kosis ki kuchh nahi hua

  24. Lol I'm scared of using a fingerprint scanner now.

  25. Maybe if your right

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