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41 Comments on How to fix internet connection problem for windows 10 users

  1. For all those, for whom its not working can try….."netsh int Ipv4 reset reset.log"
    or else try to flush dns, there are many more options you can go for

  2. Quite accurate!Cheers

  3. Thank you very much bro yes it worked and I was trying many method but none worked but what you should yes it really worked thankypu very much

  4. So, i tried this thing, but it didn't work. I have a really really weird connection problem, the problem is, when i connected the ethernet cable, everything seems right, the internet connection is ok and i can surf the internet, but after like 15-20 minutes, there is no internet connection, and it effect the wifi connection too, but on the router, the lights are still on, and there's still light for the internet connection, but once again it can be used. What should i do? Is it the router that cause the problem? Or my pc? Pls help me :')

  5. Mine just says "Cant connect to this Network"

  6. lisen to me !! you need to go in google settings , then open the advanced settings, then scroll down and turn off Contiue running background apps when google chrome is closed, and turn off Use hardware acelleration when available , and the last thing is , open the proxy settings Add VPN , write there and apply that and IT WILL WORK trust me !!

  7. Nope… didn’t work

  8. TQSM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. I have Huawei mobile parnter,it doesnt connects to the internet after getting upgraded to windows 10..shows the error "Connection Terminated"….pls help me.Model is E3372

  10. Its work. 2017 and stil work. Tnx man

  11. Thank u it worked !

  12. Please make more video's on windows 10

  13. What is solution for that there is now wireless interface on the system.

  14. thanks man its working

  15. W269NWFGWXYVC9B4J6C9T83GX this is the product key

  16. Sir how do we connect pc in windows 10 pro

  17. Worked for me. Thanks

  18. hello. any one is there to help me. coz i m nt able to use internet on my lappy. i can only use youtube

  19. Didn't work it sucks


  21. Huhu, i reseted my computer. Anddd, results- IT WORKED

  22. thank you man ! its working .

  23. I tried but it says

    The following command was not found: winshock reset catalog

  24. Not working for me

  25. i have a windows 10 and it's so good but the internet connection error its fucked up

  26. thank you it did work nice touturial

  27. this worked for me i was so worried for that shit i called my internet supplier but they couldnt help but you did. Thank you for the video

  28. Did not work for me.

  29. Your vid actually worked thank you

  30. Thank you, it worked for me< thumbs up, great video.

  31. it's comes run as administrator what should I do

  32. Finally, thanks you so much 😉

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