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How To Fix Sleep Issues In Windows 10 [Quick Tutorial]

This tutorial will show two methods in regards to fixing problems that may result from Windows 10 having issues transitioning to Sleep mode.

Problems addressed in the tutorial:
– How to fix Windows 10 Shutdown and sleep Problems.
– Solve windows 10 sleep and shutdown problems.
– Shutdown button does not shutdown windows 10 fix
– Windows 10 does not wake up from sleep.
– Fix windows 10 Sleep and Shutdown issues. Laptop Won’t Shutdown in Windows 10.

This tutorial will apply for…

28 Comments on How To Fix Sleep Issues In Windows 10 [Quick Tutorial]

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  2. Tie me to put it to the test!

  3. Thnaks man! It worked

  4. first option worked for me already, Thank's

  5. hi ..,when am working using Revit, AutoCad or ext… when my PC goes to sleep the programs automatically close off …,when am back to may PC i gotta start my program all over an try not to let my PC go back to sleep.., anyone got any suggestions that can help ?

  6. Does anyone know what causes the system to do this for future reference?

  7. so my problem was that I was opening obs studio and I cant let it sleep and when I press sleep it wakes up so I remove obs

  8. Thank you. The command prompt helped me.

  9. it show this after i copied what u just did on 2:20 Unable to perform operation. An unexpected error (0x65b) has occurred: Function failed during execution.

  10. My PC sleeps fine. Its just when waking it up from sleep mode, the screen is very freacking dim and I can't see anything until a restart.

  11. Thankyou very much, it worked on mine

  12. Thanks, it's work ❤️

  13. to the point didnt repeat anything over and over loved it subscribed!

  14. U dummy, you can't fix it if the computer never gives you the option to sign in and proceed dumb ass!

  15. I had trouble with my PC crashing after sleep for about a year. I tried everything I read to no avail. In the end I reflashed my BIOS and had no more problems. I had a Gigabyte board and used @bios software. Very easy and cured my problems.

  16. Thanks man really appreciate the help

  17. How do I make it not sleep when all I see is a black page….

  18. I have a problem can you on sleep and lid, can you help me please?

  19. Wait,when I play games like TF2,the screen becomes black and a yellow message appears,it says 'display going to sleep',when I play some browser games like .io games it does the same,will this work?


  21. Can you help me. My pc goes in sleep mode when i press alt. Sometimes ! And when it does that and i press ctrl microsoft edge opens up ! Help me.

  22. yoo holy shit thanks

  23. when i try to wakeup, its going dark and restart like wtf. totally sick with windows 10 btw

  24. Well frankly speaking dont know which of the two methods worked out. I tried both of them nd really my issue is solved. Before this, my laptop battery drained continuously and completely even in sleep mode. Now this is solved

  25. Additional ports not working, like mouse, keyboard, headphones , how to fix please

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