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How To Fix Windows 10 Stuck On Welcome Screen [Tutorial]

Windows 10 stuck on welcome screen FIX.

This tutorial will address the following concerns:

– Windows 10 stuck on welcome screen after login
– Windows 10 stuck on welcome screen after update
– Windows 10 stuck on welcome screen no mouse
– Windows 10 stuck on welcome screen before login
– Windows 10 stuck on welcome screen

This tutorial will apply for computers, laptops, desktops,and tablets running the Windows 10 operating system (Home, Professional, Enterprise, Education) from all…

21 Comments on How To Fix Windows 10 Stuck On Welcome Screen [Tutorial]

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  2. My laptop is just the wall paper no texts

  3. Ctrl alt delete worked for me

  4. Thabk you i thuaght i was gonna waste money to pay someone ti fix my pc i save money Thx!

  5. I pressed control alt delete and it worked for me

  6. Thank you so much. This happened to me a year ago and I had to reinstall windows but the first one helped (that's what I see so far) they are updating my PC again

  7. I have the microsoft surface tablet the very first model. I have deleted the email that I used for my Surface and now I forgot my password to login to my surface. is there anyway I can hard reset my surface and get back in to it?

  8. laptops shit on themselves over time its normal dont worry i have a laptop and i was fully aware before buying one

  9. my computer allows me to type the password, enter in safe mode but then won’t let me type in the start bar / click anything or restart my computer through the startup thing either

  10. O my god, I don't know what to say. Thank you so much I fucking love you

  11. There's not eve restart button.

  12. After my password, I get stuck in a "preparing windows" loop. Then, a black screen.

  13. Omfg am I the only person where I just shut it down…

  14. My whole screen is just blank..
    I can hear some music from a game I was playing, but that's just all, and I can only see my mouse nothing else, any tips for that?

  15. my # keyboard is still not working, how will i fix this? help please.

  16. Annoying thing here is that eventhough I log the correct password it says Password is incorrect. Im 300 percent sure I have the correct password, since I logged it in outlook.

  17. But what about Startup Recovery?

  18. My acer laptop isnot showing login page after i slideup to unlock it again goes to lock screen and slide again same

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