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How to Force Upgrade To Windows 10 Without Delay

Hello guys In this video shows you: How to Upgrade to Windows 10 faster without waiting. this tutorial is both applicable for windows 8.1, Windows 7 Users. Enjoy the Windows 10 full version for free.

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Windows 10 Upgrade Failed! | Error? Fixed …

20 Comments on How to Force Upgrade To Windows 10 Without Delay

  1. it works
    thank you :-)

  2. Its Really works….wowwww thanks

  3. Downloading it now. Thank you sooo much!!! I have been waiting for the nitification for ages.

  4. Bro yor job is brilliant.
    i like this video it's to much good.
    i also do this.

  5. im unable to download the previous updates. plz help

  6. Sharing my experience to say,if someone need windows 10 product keys,you can go to, I'm here to buy a key,a hundred percent genuine and I spent very little money.

  7. i
    s it necessary to install all the updates(important and optional) of windows 8.1 for upgrading the windows 10?

  8. Hey geeks tutorial , after downloading window 10, installation is fail.. how to solve this problem ???? due to this computer become very slow and slow not working any thing . while going to update it donot update also…

  9. it cab destroy my pc

  10. I did everything u did an noting happen at d end

  11. none of my things r deleting

  12. Fucking Awesome…..thank you

  13. i'm not getting window icon hence I m not able to reserve my update. Now can it possible for me to force upgrade? will this process work?

  14. You could've just went to the insider website and download it from there before you got the notification. That's what I did. xD But still a good video anyways

  15. I GOT IT IN 1 DAY

  16. Sorry but at the last steep… Phone do not respond in "Patching system image unconditionally…"

  17. +Geeks Tutorial thank you !! is very good this steps

  18. where is the link ??

  19. i got a official windows updates update for windows 10 .But when i start the download its just stuck at getting setup files

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