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How to Format and Clean Install Windows 10 [Tutorial]

Format and clean install windows 10 in this step by step tutorial.

The Windows 10 upgrade process drags old files, settings, and programs from your previous Windows system to your new one. If you want a completely fresh system, though, you have a couple options.

This is particularly useful if you’ve purchased a new Windows 10 PC and it includes manufacturer-installed bloatware you don’t want. Or, you may need to perform a clean install on a computer without an existing Windows system…

49 Comments on How to Format and Clean Install Windows 10 [Tutorial]

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  2. Help help please how do i get windows 10 back please help!!!!!

  3. my pc window starts blink how can solve

  4. If I remove everything does it effect my other D or E drives please reply now

  5. Does one require a stable internet connection for doing this

  6. everytime i click get started , theres nothing showing like the 1st step that you said , help please

  7. HOW are you formatting it, if you are JUST removing the files?!

  8. this setting will format only C drve ?

  9. what if u cant go in the computer at all and a thing is stuck on the screen…. how do u get past that

  10. Does it needs the USB Port

  11. Does it need those disk when you remove everything?
    Pls answer

  12. i have a question how u recorded while u formated xd

  13. with this process do microsoft office will remove? thank you advance for respond. 🙂

  14. Thanks lad, you did well

  15. What formate type should i chose if i have trojan and svchost. Exe viruses?

    I rly need help please replay me thanks.

  16. Does this tutorial need a cd installer of windows10?

  17. hello MDtech . how i can format windows and keep my other partitions i mean format just partition c pls answer me

  18. I don't understand. This doesn't format the c: drive does it?
    Because that is what I need.

  19. So i have to install all my games again? well ofc what am i asking :/

  20. I am not formatting my pc no more

  21. VERY helpful. Thanks.

  22. Will this also remove pre installed apps like microsoft office 365?

  23. with this action , can i change the install location from hard disk hdd to ssd disk ???

  24. will windows stay activated if i reset this way?

  25. I need help when i upgraded to windows 10 my cortana is color white and task view looks different can u help me?

  26. do resetting remove windows and we will need windows cd to install it?

  27. Thanks man,helped alot

  28. Its been 1 hour and im still at 7:00 part and its 1%

  29. I have a Windows 10 Pro that was installed by a Local Repair/PC Shop. The PC was built by me and it was to be a HTPC. Here is my problem. I do not have a Product Key or anything after I paid him to do the install? He closed shop and I am out money. The PC says, " YOUR WINDOWS LICENSE WILL EXPIRE SOON" AND " YOU NEED TO ACTIVATE WINDOWS IN SETTINGS". Down below are the icons "GO TO SETTINGS" and "CLOSE". I have never used Windows 10 Pro or anything other than Windows 7 before and want to know what the HELL I am suppose to do?  Thanks! If anyone can help me?

  30. Chutiya bakchood partituon kab kiya be

  31. Do i need internet in this kind of process or not??

  32. My computer is stuck on restarting

  33. In my pc wifi vanished if I reinstall will it resolve

  34. for this process we need internet
    for this we need internet

  35. worked for me! thanks!

  36. Hi there! I decided to reformat my Acer Aspire VX 15 laptop everything was going well until i got to the 'preparing windows' screen it's been stuck there for about 8 hours now. Is this a normal thing to have happen?

  37. i did it but there was a problem and it says no changes were made

  38. do you do this if u change the motherboard

  39. Okay i deleted my network adapter and i cannot go online even wireless, so by doing fresh windows install.. does this fix the problem?
    Cuz even when i redownload the lan driver, its not even working

  40. Thank u. It solved my problem

  41. After i downloaded windows everything looks fine. But after a couple of minutes my screen flicks once and my desk icons dissapear i cant open them. And i need to reboot my pc again please help!

  42. Fortnite unban?

  43. Im doing this because BSOD happens everytime when i try play anything at all i have corrupted windows files and windows defender or start menu wont even open 🙁 . Hopefully this solves the problem

  44. when i tried to format my computer it tell me undoing files what should i do please need your help now

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