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How to get Maximum Internet Speed (UPLOAD/DOWNLOAD) 2019!

How to get Maximum Internet Speed (UPLOAD/DOWNLOAD) 2019!
In this video, you will see how to increase ISP connection download and upload speed with some TCP registry value.

TCP Internet Registry Files:
SG TCP Optimizer:

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31 Comments on How to get Maximum Internet Speed (UPLOAD/DOWNLOAD) 2019!

  1. 10mbps to 100


  2. Guys it just makes it think you have more

  3. Ummmmmm……. sooo if i download it I will get a virus?

  4. I did this and I think my internet just got slower. I was getting 18mpbs Download and 2mbps upload. Now I'm getting like 15-16 mpbs download and still 2mpbs upload speed. NOT WORTH IT PEOPLE! Just accept it and buy a better internet plan with your internet provider. I'm going to see if I can get rid of those registry entries that I just put into my computer.

  5. I’m seeing conflicting comments in the comments section. For those people that actually tried this did it actually work?? Or was it indeed a virus?

  6. Lucky i have a Computer to throw away… This is VIRUS .. first class .. LOCKED Screen!

  7. can you make a video on how to pronounce the word dekstop? i’m having probs with my English.

  8. i got 3x mbp thanks xd

  9. People like this are the reason why Indians have bad reputation. He’s clearly trying to make you download a virus.

  10. If you open the reg files with notepad you'll see that they are all the same, so you apply the same settings with every file. And what''s inside those files has nothing to do with internet tweaks 🙂 don't get fooled ^^

  11. this is fake, hes just trying to make you download a virus

  12. also if turn of pc then i turn on pc i have to do it again right not going stay forever

  13. do this really to get more upload speed

  14. He's trying to give us virus…

  15. is this work with jiofy

  16. Is it available for wifi?

  17. The first download link does not work : Erorr502

  18. Great video but I have an imac and was wondering if there was something you might know that would give the same results for osx .

  19. Bhai video hindi mai bnaoo.
    Jin ko english nai aati un keleyea je video time waste hai.

  20. Bro what if I want to reset back all the settings.

  21. Bro i am using my androids hotspot (Jio) for using internet in my pc…. Can u tell me how much speed i have to select on the app ??

  22. Bro is this harmful for windows i mean can i undo this things without factory reset please reply

  23. Is this possible in anroid

  24. Brother can u make a vidio on how to increase wifi speed on android without root

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