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How to get microsoft office 2016 for free for windows 10, 8.1, 7

Winrar Download link___

39 Comments on How to get microsoft office 2016 for free for windows 10, 8.1, 7

  1. T.O D.O.W.N.L.O.A.D G.E.N.U.I.N.E O.F.F.I.C.E V.I.S.I.T ????????????.????????????????????????????????-????????????????.????????????

  2. can you please email me this setup?

  3. Bhai 100 % download hone ke baad save karne par 79 % complete hone ke baad failed bata raha hai

  4. I extracted it but I got an empty folder

  5. in 2018 is not working links

  6. thanks bro this works pretty well

  7. Where is the link you used in the video that shows the mount of MB bits to click

  8. thanks a lot bro its working…… thank you … thank u a lot bro…

  9. very nice it works…

  10. can you put this into a google drive and send it link ? because i have a limit to download that is 1GB per file, i can not download this 2.5 gb file.

  11. thanks bro,,, got it

  12. Hey where is the Link to download it when i click the link it's different please help

  13. My PC is 32 bit so there is no option for it in setup

  14. wow nice bro thanks alot superb video

  15. Thanks man it's worked

  16. Thank you i cant believe its work worth to subscribe your channel keep going/sharing helpful videos!!!

  17. Thank you very much…………… It worked!!

  18. thank you!! you are the best!! finally i have an office!!

  19. where's the mega link? :/

  20. i have pre-existing Microsoft office 2010, cant install the Microsoft Office 2016 version.

  21. What is the benefits for putting virus in someone else pc. Is that just for fun?? May karma will return to you. ????

  22. Woah! Thanks for this video.

  23. Thak u very much

  24. HELP, the MS Office file I download is ".rar" not ".zip"

  25. it says virus detected

  26. Thanks it really works just use the mega link

  27. This here bois.. is the definition of a fake comment section

  28. sir i have installed 🙂 have a doubt for how long does this activation works and how may i activate it again

  29. ???????? greatly appreciated

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