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50 Comments on How to get microsoft office 2016 for free on windows 10

  1. hello, can someone help me? i already install but its not complete and my laptop was shut down that time. now when i try to install again they said installation is in progress but i don't where can i see the installation progress .. anyone help me now ????????????????

  2. thanks worked for me on 8/1/2020

  3. if someoine alive here, can you tell me why is the 1st link isn't working? and what can i do to fix that

  4. Product key sollunga Ms office 2016

  5. Just takes you in circles with no download of anything like 2016

  6. thank you so much it worked for me 12/30/2019

  7. what if i delete the kmsauto after activation does it affect the activation of the ms office?

  8. the file stopped downloading at 37% 🙁 🙁

  9. Does it works for 32 bit???

  10. When I tried to install it's stuck at 3%. Any reasons?


  12. KMS auto link is not working. please check @BEST TUTORIAL

  13. still working wtf! thanks a lot

  14. salamat po sa share , pwd po pa check ng file sa KMSAuto link, kulang po ung file matapos ko ma extract. thanks

  15. THANK YOU !! ITS WORKING NOW 🙂 DEC 15, 2019

  16. Is still working? I wanna try it.

  17. thanks, it really helps me

  18. it says it has a virus and it won't open. Didn't help at all

  19. My system says this network is limited for installing

  20. KMS not working. Anyone has the right dowload link for this?


  22. Doesn't work for me, any better instructions?

  23. my kms file showed a wordpad

  24. HELLO! There is no kmsauto setup in the folder. There is only the notepad thingy 🙁

  25. It took me all day, but I finally got it. It does work guys, but you have to follow step by step. thank you!

  26. Hey, guys it is still working!!!
    Thank you so much, I' ve been looking for MSoffice for days!!!
    Wish you all the best!

  27. thanks bro you made my day

  28. ordhek download hocche kno ??

  29. KMSAuto application file is not there, just configuration file is present.

  30. After mounting the file, when I open and try to run the exe file, it says, the file contain virus or unwanted software.

  31. Awesome! tysm this worked!

  32. tHANK yOU maS bRO.

  33. This is very helpful!!! Thanks a lot 🙂

  34. thanks man! GodBless 🙂

  35. Thanks a lot!! It worked correctly☺️☺️

  36. thanks, you are awesome

  37. its working. thanks a lot.

  38. Very good video.. helped me a lot 🙂

  39. Thanku bro…working…

  40. bro it doesn't even work guys do NOT try this it is a VIRUS OK so go watch my video's instead

  41. installation is taking hours for me

  42. Thank U so much, Love u so much!

  43. The folder from the link is empty

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