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how to get windows 10 for free

A step-by-step tutorial on
How To Upgrade To Windows 10 for FREE

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This is a short step-by-step video on How To Get Windows 10 For Free.

In this video, I explain how to optimize Windows 7 to Upgrade Windows 7 To Windows 10 in the fastest possible time. My upgrade time was less than 60 minutes.

Before you proceed with the Windows 10 free download, I will explain the difference between the Windows 10 32 bit Download and the Windows 10 64 bit…

26 Comments on how to get windows 10 for free

  1. Can I use it for Windows 7 crack ???

  2. I did upgraded from 7 home to 10 home, but I am wondering can I get licence for other pc as well?

  3. Mine is asking for product key

  4. here on Philippines is 16mbps is the highest possible speed

  5. It says " we cant tell if your pc has enough space "

  6. I still find that my windows 10 home is not activated. I followed your steps from an activated windows 7 home basic. Is there anything I missed?

  7. Great video… But I cant find product key

  8. This is a very high quality video. Countless time better than what you find in Microsoft website.

  9. It won't let me log in

  10. My guess is either the file is hidden or they didn’t copy correctly.

  11. Got to the very end and it failed and came back up with windows 7. Prompted that it failed :- 0x8007025D-0x2000C The installation failed in the SAFE_OS phase with an error during APPLY_IMAGE operation. Tried again from usb and it failed the same way at the end but without the failed to install error page?

  12. when i enter the windows 10 download in rufus it does not give me the setup file on the usb i only see folders boot and efi any help?

  13. Dear Sir, a very important question, somehow due to windows 8.1 pro issues I cannot download and do the procedure of downloading on that particular pc to windows 10. So in my laptop, I have windows 10 home. So theoretically I would download windows 10 home as an iso image. My question is that can I still use this windows 10 home iso image with the help of rufus on a bootable usb drive and install it on the previous windows 8.1 pro pc? And the RAM adjustments u talked about, are they just for the downloading of the iso image or is it for the installation of windows and would I need to change or adjust virtual RAM on my laptop with windows 10 or my pc with windows 8.1 or both the computers?
    SIr, the situatuion is critical, would really need your guidance. God Bless.

  14. Hi sir my system is windows 7 ultimate
    and how can I upgrade my system to windows 10. I have an ISO file of windows 10 ( downloaded from Microsoft website ). Please help me

  15. Very interesting video. If you guys meet activation problems, in my channel I show 2 working methods to tackle these issues.

  16. Thanks to you Sir and YouTube.. you two are the best..

  17. and if my windows is not activated will it work?

  18. I have windows 7 not professional and it says you have the wrong edition or version and can not download this tool

  19. A day after I installed my keyboard and mouse stopped working as it stopped my USB drivers from working. I could not log in so I uninstalled win10
    is there a way i can install with the new drivers?

  20. It took me a longer time to install because of my WiFi speed, only 5Mbps, but THANK YOU my Windows 10 is up and running. Super excited ????????????

  21. Is it okay to do the same steps although my windows 7 activation has expired? will it work..?

  22. i can install windows 10 cause my pc broken its works On ₱6500 laptop windows 7? please said

  23. I Have Windows 8.1 .__. I Feel Like Windows 8.1 Is Irrelevant…I Need to Switch to Windows 10.

  24. What will happen to the MS docx? Will it be gone?

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