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How to Get Windows 7 Games on Windows 10 and Windows 10 Anniversary

If you’ve ever asked, “Where are my Windows 7 games in Windows 10?” the answer is, “Nowhere!” But take heart, this tutorial will show you how to get the games you are missing from Windows 7 into your Windows 10 install.

Here is the url the tutorial refers to for finding the link to the Windows 7 game pack:

Follow these easy steps and in no time you’ll be back playing backgammon, checkers, spades, chess,…

22 Comments on How to Get Windows 7 Games on Windows 10 and Windows 10 Anniversary

  1. It only installs Purble Place and nothing else

  2. Awesome ! thx from France !

  3. chess and that cake game were my childhood

  4. you deserve a country named after you my good sir. Thank you!

  5. can this for windows 8 or windows 10 only

  6. My windows 7 games were in the GameExplorer folder in Windows 10. Then, one day, the whole lot went missing! What happened to cause that?

  7. Thanks a lot!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Thank you so much, this works perfectly!

  9. great and simple ! yo! 🙂

  10. I had found a workaround program last year. But Windows just did another big update and my Windows 7 games no longer worked. I just used your app and they now work again. Thanks so much! I don't like any of the online versions at all so I'm very happy to have the original versions back!

  11. Thanks for this. I managed to install these games earlier with the help of some online advice, but they disappeared when the latest Windows 10 update automatically installed. I've now got them back – thanks!

  12. Chess Titan has downloaded but I can not open it pls help me sir

  13. And what about games installed with Steam and things like that?
    I'm thinking of dual booting Win10 along with my current Win7.
    I want to know if it will be possible for me to access all the games I've installed on Win7 (ignoring compatibility issues some games may have with Win10), so that I don't have to reinstall games and take up unnecessary space on my hard drives (because some games can take a lot of space).

    Win10 is highly flawed, I'm pretty much only doing this for DirectX 12. Win10 is similar to Win8 or Win8.1… Win8 attempted to be so "easy to use" and like a touchpad that it missed the point of actually being easy use and to having a computer interface.
    Win10 has a lot of things that the majority of people don't use and dubious ways of working.

  14. wow amazing love it i missed all these games thankyou for getting them back

  15. Thanks great instructions

  16. Thanks so much for getting my favorite games back.

  17. I followed your instructions and it is showing that the games are there, but they will not open.  What do I do now? What did I do wrong?  I noticed that the ones I downloaded from the internet are ok.

  18. It worked great the first day but when I tried to open Hearts and Free Cell last night they wouldn't open! Any idea why?

  19. Awesome!worked like a charm!you guys rock.

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