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20 Comments on how to hack a computer/laptop on your network

  1. Totally fake i tried and nothing has done . someone else can help me ?

  2. you dont actually need securety software.
    if you do "netstat -a" in cmd you can see all computers connected to yours

  3. Dude, fuck you it's fake

  4. connecting to a shared homegroup is now  called "hacking…"

  5. your not hacking your just connection

  6. Type slower please.

  7. a 2 min video stretched out to 8 because he types sooo slooooowwwww~~~~~

  8. what password did you tye in?

  9. Awesome it's very good

  10. XD he (thinks) its hacking using a program MICROSOFT includeds in the standard OS

  11. I found "fe80::57a:9ebd:9739:51c8" without IP
    Now what to do

  12. "ass" can you see… LOL

  13. Check out this video on YouTube:

  14. Check out this video on YouTube:

  15. how do you get the password of the other computer ! i'ts fake.

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