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How to hack ANY computer 1/4 Kali linux, the basics, payloads and listeners.

How to hack any computer 1/4, the basics of payloads and listeners to setup the rest of the series.
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Here is some text off wiki on hacking, i use this as a way of getting 3Xtr4 74Gs in.

In the computer security context, a hacker is someone who seeks and exploits weaknesses in a…

20 Comments on How to hack ANY computer 1/4 Kali linux, the basics, payloads and listeners.

  1. What is this??? Fukin' 2000, a russian 14yr old kid? Notepad and shitty music? Damn

  2. reverse_tcp: command not found

  3. can you please release part 3 and 4

  4. bash : msfpayload: comand not found any idea ? :(

  5. song? i know its a remix of demons but not sure which one

  6. 7 out of 10, voice would be nice. (it doesn't even need to be your real voice) just something, Very helpful though!!!

  7. it will work for only LAN computers ??

  8. I really like your videos, but for improvement, tell us what the commands means and why you're typing them! Otherwise we can't learn, we just copying. / Martin
    And how did u learn everything, books? tell us wich books! :D

  9. Great stuff. I hope you continue to provide us with invaluable educational material. Much appreciated!

  10. Hey bro tq for the vid… does my VM kali nids to have wireless adapter to do this hack?

  11. it says 
    bash: msfpayload: command not found

  12. from Moroco  ; u do great job  thnx and  my dear friend if u can put in videos dicryptons Orders that we be good and easy for us and  thnk you

  13. Stuck on [*] Starting the payload handler . . . – Help please

  14. I dislike cause you wasted my time. this has nothing to do with basic hacking.

  15. Whats the musics name please?

  16. please use text to speak software or use a mic.

  17. Hey, can you send me some books for kali linux and guides to hack nearby machines, and not ones that are connected to my wifi?

    I will support you til the end!

  18. would be interesting to see ios hacking

    Or i won't be able to respond.

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