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How To INCREASE SNAPCHAT SCORE FAST! 2019 iOS/Android (NO HACK) (NO BAN) – Boost Snap Score FAST

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How To INCREASE SNAPCHAT SCORE FAST! 2019 iOS/Android (NO HACK) (NO BAN) – Boost Snap Score FAST

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33 Comments on How To INCREASE SNAPCHAT SCORE FAST! 2019 iOS/Android (NO HACK) (NO BAN) – Boost Snap Score FAST

  1. It actually worked so good for me. My score was like 3000 but just after adding a bunch of celebs, I got over 10,000!!

    Edit: I tried the 2nd method which is snapping the celebs and I did like 9-10 times and my score went up a 1000. So I REALLY suggest you add celebs first. Like a lot of celebs. You don’t need to know them, just add all of ‘em and watch your score go high!

  2. Who wants to be in a spam???

  3. just push ”Snap last”, thank me later

  4. Anyone want to do a spam group

  5. When I made a new account it was the old Snapchat I already updated it but it’s still old any tips!

  6. Just send it to the Recents instead of sending the snap to each person one by one

  7. u could have just put the thing saying “last snap”

  8. who else just came to the comments to see if this worked before watching the whole video

  9. Sub to me like and I will do the same

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  11. My snap score has been the same for a year now. Does anyone know how to fix it

  12. Anyone want to start a streak brian101_101

  13. To much TALK ????

  14. Add Nilasxp for streak

  15. I post 4 times a day send streaks to 60 people twice a day for the past 2 years and my snap score is 30k like wtf I get 130 views on all my story post but never gain score I think it could be because I got snap in 2014 but Idk how that could be the reason

  16. @phillipsfedric on Instagram help me to get my account back within 30mins. He's so reliable

  17. Do 1 minute video that's 6 vids to 100 people just over 1k score thank me later try it. It works.

  18. Like if Chopin is better than Liszt

  19. Take a video send it to everybody on your frend list and you can go up by 582 if you have a lot of people added

  20. I is really work ????

  21. “Try to hack that” shows password

  22. Anybody want to make a new spam group… @amosc Phillip.crews… 2 Ls ????

  23. amos: skvess im trynna fill up the map

  24. Am i the only one who didn’t know u get points by opening snaps???

  25. Thx man I needed this Bc I’m making a troll acc for myself and I don’t want anyone to think I’m suspicious

  26. I know a way where you can get 6000 points in 5 mins….

  27. Someone said that they were going to make a spam group if u want to make a spam group chat reply to this comment with ur username

  28. Who wants to start a spam groupchat

  29. who tryna start a group chat where we spam ? 13-16 year olds only ‼️

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