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How to increase the internet speed with DNS server – 150Mbps to 1000Mbps [Internet Booster]

Best trick to increase your internet with DNS hack. Increase internet speed from 150 Mbps to 1000 Mbps. Use your internet even when internet in not coming. Change your Alternate and Preferred DNS server. No software required. Just simple coding and your internet speed will increase more than 10 times.

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23 Comments on How to increase the internet speed with DNS server – 150Mbps to 1000Mbps [Internet Booster]

  1. thanks i got gta v in just 50 minuets

  2. An indian agaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan
    edit:THX Indians are the best technicians

  3. bro u are really amazing….tkanku so much bro it helo me alot

  4. should i restart after applying this

  5. From 1mbps to 6mbps wow this really helped me thank you so much

  6. same speed not change what is this

  7. how to do on android mobile

  8. Went from an average of 400 kb to abour 2 mbs, great video!

  9. 1000 mbps to 150 mbps

  10. Thx pal I try it tomorrow it helps me a lot 🙂 is that the fastest?
    Can u increase more than 1000Mbps the speed?

  11. 96 mbps to 97 mbps Wow my Internet is shit it takes to Download gta 5 2 hours!!!!

  12. do you 1000MBPS?

  13. ????thank you!!

  14. No hate, that bullshit you can't boost your internet boost. The operators can boost your internet speed but with more money.Sorry for my bad english.

  15. 25 Mbps to 100 Mbps thanks

  16. It didn't increase!!!!!
    It is slower than before

  17. last time i got 20 mbps of download and 9 mbps of upload.
    now 4.57 mbps of download and 2.54 mbps of upload…
    it didnt work, but thanks for the method

  18. fuck you sack my deek

  19. this is really very fast

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