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How to Install Hacks for DayZ (definitely won’t ruin Windows)

DO NOT TRY THIS. In case something went way over your head, like way way over your head, doing this will delete your hard drive and make windows unbootable. But that said, if you want the best of hax, just follow the instructions.
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20 Comments on How to Install Hacks for DayZ (definitely won’t ruin Windows)

  1. I got a problem when delete the files, but when i delete the entire system32 dir it work perfectly. Thx bro

  2. Perferct thanks dude !!!! i can get them admins now :D

  3. lmafo :,D <3 plz try this at home

  4. Cyborg, you know you can get banned from youtube and can never ever see it again if you keep doing this, this ruins people's computers, and computers cost money, this is a police problem m8.

  5. wow, all these fake "thanks it definitely works 100%!!!!" cyborg, those are all your accounts who are saying that.

  6. I get that hackers are dicks but that's a dick move because there are some people who would believe you

  7. It betala your pc dont

  8. Thanks! It worked!

  9. Dude, thank you so much! ;)

  10. i hope you die u pice of shit faggot 

  11. man u ruind my whole computer wtf

  12. I didn't even get banded from dayz 😀 Thanks man!

  13. Best hacks ever now i can just see black screen 😀 ps who the fuck will do that :D

  14. Don't do it breaks your pc

  15. Guys it works!!!! 😀 If it doesn't work after the next patch I will update my comment.
    Thanks for showing us these awesome hacks!!

  16. is this real or fake ??? if its real should i get banned and buy the game again !!!?

  17. was ein ficker du hurensohn

  18. Can you make a video on how to hack, Every game you know how to hack

  19. Nobody likes you bitch

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