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How To Install Programs Without Administrator Password (Windows 8)

Can’t Install a program because you do not have the admin password? Here is a video showing how to bypass the UAC prompts. This is done using Windows 8.1 Pro x64, But it works for Vista and Win 7 as well.
Follow the directions carefully, and know that not all programs can be installed this way. Programs that are known to NOT WORK: Steam; Audacity

DOWNLOAD LINK:!1406&authkey=!AO2ZjUfgTp8oiwk&

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20 Comments on How To Install Programs Without Administrator Password (Windows 8)

  1. Thanks alot (Used windows 10 stll working 😀 )

  2. IT ACTUALLY WORKS! Wow, I wasn't optomistic.

  3. what about intellitypepro for windows 8

  4. Trying to install a game called Hex: Shards of Fate. It asks for Administration but doesn't work when I drag and drop it into UniExtract. This is what it says for the error. Signature detected: Inno Setup Setup Data (5.5.0) (u)
    This is not directly supported, but i'll try to unpack it as version 5309
    ; Version detected: 5500 (Unicode)
    Unpacking failed. This version is not supported.

  5. thankzz bro.. its worked.. thankzz a lot..

  6. is this a virus

  7. look at the word after the 33rd character in the url…

  8. I see it says Steam doesn't work in the description, but I did it 100% fine with Steam.

  9. everything shows up as ??? and nothing works

  10. how do you do it with setup.exe files

  11. Thanks finally i can play games on my school computer 😀 #LearningIsForTheWeak

  12. Can you name me some softwares you can open it with?

  13. It Worked Perfectly For Everyone Having Trouble Open The Installer With The Extractor And hit Ok Then Locate That Folder In Your File Explorer I Downloaded Steam For My Brother On My Dads Pc So We Found it At

  14. Does not work on windows 10.
    That is an warning

  15. Hey i need help!!! mine does nothing after i select the program that i want to install…what do i do?

  16. Does this work with steam?


  18. i can't install unity 3D in this program :-(

  19. Does this work with Java please help I really need Java.


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