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How To Install Super Mario Odyssey Superstar Mode (Windows and Mac)

In today’s video, I’ll be showing you how to install Super Mario Odyssey: Superstar Mode. This tutorial works with both Windows and Mac computers and is compatible with Switches running version 6.0

Superstar Mode Install Files:

Paperclip Guide:

My RCM Jig: …

47 Comments on How To Install Super Mario Odyssey Superstar Mode (Windows and Mac)

  1. I can totally vouch for this 100% worked for me ???? Dann did a great job of making this very easy to follow and non-bloated.

    Truly, if I can get this mod to work…ANYONE can get this mod to work (I am extremely technologically challenged…believe me ask Dann ????????)

  2. sorry noob question does this work with the most recent versions of both?

  3. The link isn't working 🙁

  4. The depressing thing is

    The only thing I don't have is a paperclip

  5. i cant find your superstar files. when i click the link, it just says that google can't find them.

  6. isn't this illegal?

  7. umm are there any sd card holders for windows 7
    and any paperclips still for sale
    and an sd card scanner anywhere

  8. Can I get another link to the google drive download link…. its not working

  9. Can this brake my switch?

  10. Had no idea I needed a mechanical engineering degree in order to play buffed odyssey

  11. How to install character mods

  12. Hey DannTheMan, I know you're already aware of the comments about how the Superstar Mode files download link is broken, but I have a quick question. I have pretty much everything needed to hack my switch (game files from SKELUX's channel, TegraRcmGui, etc.) but I can't find the rajnx_ipl.bin file. I've searched the waves of the internet and never managed to find it. However, on the program itself, there are "favorite" payloads to choose from, which include Fusee_Atmosphere.bin, hekate_ctcaer_5.0.0.bin, ReiNX.bin, and SXLoader.bin. Does the payload you inject matter or do I have to use rajnx_ipl.bin? Is there an alternate download for the payload? I don't want to risk accidentally using an incorrect payload and screwing the process up. Please respond when you have the availability.

  13. Does anyone have these files? I have my switch in RCM already, but I can't use the files on skelux's site as they are different.

  14. How do you come off it

  15. Do I get banned from using online apps or games on my Nintendo for doing this?

  16. does anyone have the payload file

  17. I got a 404 error

  18. Your download link doenst work anymore D:

  19. awwww shot… i really wanted to get his and i have everything… but a nintendo switch, are you sure i cant skip on it?

  20. Your mod files aren't working, please fix it I'd love to play this mod

  21. I did it with just the USB Cable

  22. Install, Open & Complete Level 8 within 7 days of downloading to unlock this content.


  23. After I do all 880 moons, I'll install this.

  24. Can you use an sd card adapter instead 9f the reader

  25. can someone mirror the file because it was taken down

  26. the google drive link doesn't work. please assist

  27. Can I have A link to a working switch sd card reader. Please!

  28. i dont have a switch'

  29. is it possible to remove the paperclip while in rcm mode without messing up my switch? im new to modding my switch and want to stay cautious.

  30. can i use my switch sd card

  31. i think the superstar files got copystriked

  32. Free huh?

    looks at some of the items

    I don't think it's "free".

  33. Do you need the APX Driver folder to download this? If so, on your mod tutorial from 5 months before this video, the Mega link is discontinued.

  34. After injecting the payload can i unplug my switch from my computer?

  35. Could you make a tutorial for the super Luigi Odessey mod?

  36. Is RCM totally safe? Because I'm still a little worried about trying this. I'm on firmware 6.2.0

  37. 404 error when going to the download link

  38. Please fix the download link. Thanks.

  39. do you have the game as super mario odyssey for pc?

  40. Dann nice video and all that but i cant get the installation fils it says i need permission helpp

  41. The google drive link for the Superstar Mode Files said I need permission and it won't let me download the files.

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