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How to Install Windows 10 from a USB Flash Drive

How to install Windows 10 from a flash drive. you would need a 4GB USB flash drive, or 8GB for the 64-bit version.

Microsoft Windows 10

Disable UEFI

Change the boot order

Upgrade to Windows 10 If you don’t want to loose data:

How to Format and Clean Install Windows 10

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50 Comments on How to Install Windows 10 from a USB Flash Drive

  1. Why mine is stuck on 0%?

  2. Hi, what if i click on update this pc
    While i have windows 7, will it harm my pc or not i am confused, plz help

  3. I follow this step then my computer few minute run and no video input come

  4. This works!!! For all the people checking out the comments to see if this works, yes it WORKS!!!! just follow his steps.

  5. what is the best antivirus for windows 10 ?

  6. After doing the setup thing, my pc just normally starts. What should I do to fix this.?

  7. Dude why that your installation so faster? Are you use SSD? For instal?

  8. How to make partion ?

  9. i dont understand anything lol. i just followed the instruction and feel like a fckin hacker ????

  10. When i try to select where i want to install windows it says “This partition is too small” and it says 0.0 MB of space so idk why someone help

  11. Sir
    Is it necessary to have original driver software of computer for installing windows 10 ?
    Please reply

  12. Is it safe to delete the system reserved? Anyway what is that?

  13. Hello, I followed this step on one USB the hard disk (500GB), which was having more than 4 partitions, but after the creation of bootable disk, it is not showing me other drives. can you Please Please let me know how I can show my other data in other partitions. Please

  14. my pc ran into a problem and automatically shutdown for restart but it wont restart after that i tried many times it only shows dell and entering power saving mode then nothing what to do plz help me

  15. thanks so much….But,please do you mean i will lose all my stuffs,i mean musics,videos and applications in the process?

  16. Just have one question, what if I don't enter the product key?

  17. My PC is not booting with usb drive
    please help

  18. Windows cannot read productkey??? WHY??????

  19. Hi Miguel, wanted to thank you for this wonderful descriptive step by step tutorial. I tried doing it on my Win 7 Ultimate OS and it worked just smoothly as shown in the video. Keep doing the great help. It means a lot to many of the computer users around the world including me. Just a small flaw to point out. I guess you missed a point to share when the Flash drive is to be removed from the Laptop / Computer. Because of that the whole process started from step 1 when the system restarted. I faced that problem but eventually removed the Flash Drive and had the smooth flow again to take me to my desktop. And also in the end if you could have shared to change the Boot options back to default. Rest was awesome. Thanks again, Cheers. Jairaj Shah (India)

  20. After I copy the ISO file to my pendrive.
    Do I run the setup that is in the pendrive or Do I restart my desktop?

  21. it was very helpful. I installed win 10 thx!!!!

  22. I have 2.80mhz CPU .3gb ram . 160gb HDD.
    I have install Windows 10 he is not installed. So can you help me I installed window pro ya home

  23. Thanks men this worked for me.

  24. Sir what is the name of site you can download windows 10

  25. Please help when I install it it says Windows could not find the software license terms please make sure the installation sources are valid and restart the installation

  26. I’m trying to install windows from usb drive but on the first reboot it goes back to the install screen on the usb drive. It does not continue installing, why is that?

  27. Hey Miguel , i accidently deleted my windows 10 from my Pc , now when Windows loads the pc doesnt detect the mause nor the keyboard , so if you could help me that will be great , Thank you

  28. will the games be restart right from the start if I install a new windows 10 ?? plss answer.. thank you

  29. Does it delete
    Others drive or only c drive

  30. Miguel, what about from a properly active and healthy external hdd?

  31. 4:06 I don't have any flash drives to download on, help please.

  32. currently have a windows 7 32bit can i install 64bit Windows 10

  33. During the restart, it freezes and can’t restart, please help

  34. Thank you this video fixed my laptop

  35. Very nice tutorial!

  36. Thank you very much ur a big help

  37. Why it keeps restarting?

  38. Will deleting my other partitions erase everything on my computer?

  39. Does this work using a MacBook?

  40. do we need to remove thesb drive when we restart our computer

  41. Will windows 10 download from android work on PC

  42. I like the series and find it to be very helpful, but a repeat on a subject that has literally been beat to death is unnecessary. There are far too many other great topic's to address. For instance, give us a good work around for being able to force uninstall much of the junk that windows 10 keeps putting in …. now there's a topic everyone could benefit from!

  43. I got windows 10. But during "Custom settings" during installation I deleted one of my hard disk rahter than formatting. Can I get it back

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