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How to Jailbreak iOS 9.3.3 / 9.3.2 / 9.3.1 Using Pangu on iPhone, iPod touch or iPad

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42 Comments on How to Jailbreak iOS 9.3.3 / 9.3.2 / 9.3.1 Using Pangu on iPhone, iPod touch or iPad

  1. tysm worked

  2. it works on 9.3.2. took only 10 mins to finally complete te process

  3. Does not WORK iOS 9.3.1 🙁

  4. The window didn't pop up with the green button. Help?

  5. the menu at 1:50 does not open up its just the phone info how do i get that pop up

  6. Even With Full Volume Cant Hear You … Speak The Fuck Up..

  7. Does it work on ipad 2

  8. thanks worked amazing! iphone 6 plus 9.3.1

  9. Does this work with iphone 4s cause I don't want to do with my iPhone 6s

  10. likeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee 🙂

  11. Good iOS Jailbreaak strategy listed below..
    >>> .
    Good thing that this still definitely worth to read.

  12. do you need to disable find my iphone?

  13. i open it up and it doent give me the pangu app tool

  14. how do I uninstall this PP app from my PC?

  15. thats not the screen i get after 1:47

  16. This is the best video I've seen thank you soooooo much. My ipad  is now jailbroken 😀

  17. Work on ipod touch 5G with ios 9.3.1?!

  18. Does this work for 9.3.1?


  20. Can I do this on my iPhone 4s

  21. the pp wont respond actually how long it takes ?

  22. guys , how i can restore my data after jailbreaking ?

  23. Does this really work with ios 9.3.1 ?????

  24. Does this work on ios 9.3.1 for a ipad mini 1?

  25. Wonderful tutorial it worked and it was easy for me to follow you. THANK YOU!

  26. does it work for 9.3.1

  27. I have a iPhone 6 I'm on iOS 9.3.1 will this work for me

  28. Thanks buddy

  29. Does it work on 32 bit ?

  30. I can uninstall PP ?

  31. Don't jailbreak it until it's fully untethered

  32. how can i do it on ipod5 ?

  33. any idea if it works on iPad mini's? and how do you check if your device is 64bit

  34. Does this work with iPhone 4s?

  35. All worked! Thank you!! only issue now is it is saying cydia cannot find the packages from any sources. Any tips?

  36. it doesn'twork on mac:((((((((

  37. does iPod touch 5th gen work?

  38. Where's the damn link make this shit more direct ( jailbreak ) download

  39. I restarted and did the jailbreak steps again like you said now it's coming up with errors

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