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How to Keep Warm this Winter Life Hacks

General tips for keeping warm this winter. From clothing and food, to making a heater and a draught excluder. Perfect for when it’s cold outside. Warm your shoes and feet with a hair dryer, and keep active to help you stay warm.

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42 Comments on How to Keep Warm this Winter Life Hacks

  1. When you came prepared for winter

  2. what he did was my daily routine for winter break XD

  3. he wears some grandpa shoes

  4. Porridge i will eat porridge.

  5. that roll of draft excluder is brilliant!

  6. we know maximum tricks
    it is not so good

  7. Is the guy in the video Dave??

  8. There's no Winter here

    But Who cares XD

  9. This is how I dress when it’s just 60 degrees, when you live in Hawaii that’s freezing.

  10. Why are people hating ;(

  11. Why did i watched this but it doesn't snow here

  12. Is that you or your friend

  13. ….or you can just curl up in a ball under your blanket all winter

  14. your my favorite YouTuber ever! in the world ever! Dave Hax!

  15. Pretty cool huh?

  16. Who is watching it in winters of 2017?

  17. Does this hack still work in 2018?

  18. I’ve never seen ur face before and btw keep up the good work my dude u r very creative ???????????? u also blow my mind????????????????

  19. Can you make a electric toy like a car, fish ect

  20. Amazing tips! ???? but it’s summer over here in Australia! ????????

    Like if your an Aussie

  21. I bet u won't replie

  22. This is the most average guy in history

  23. Me : mom daddy is very sick hurry up

    Mom: wait I must wear 40 jackets

  24. 1 tip to survive winter walk around everywhere with a blanket

  25. I have a life hack for winter: Jump in a oven and then you will keep warm

  26. Can it work in south pole

  27. Show more things about you

  28. Mom: Where is hairdryer son??
    Me : ????????

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