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How To Make A Simple Python Keylogger

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Python is a really easy programming language for beginners. What better way to showcase it’s range of abilities than making a simple keylogger.

28 Comments on How To Make A Simple Python Keylogger

  1. What is keylogger ?

  2. Personally, I think it is irresponsible to make malicious software like this so accessible to script kiddies. Just look at all the comments like 'I put this on my teachers computer' 'I used this to spy on my girlfriend', 'I put this on a college computer' 'Will this work to catch my wife's password?', etc, etc. I mean, would you make a video on how to cook up crack cocaine and just say 'hey this is for education only!'

  3. How on earth can somebody use this program without having malicious reasons….

  4. HELP
    I try to download PyWin32 and PyHook
    but they are whl files
    what can I do now

  5. does this still work to keylog people?

  6. does this still work to keylog people?

  7. does this still work to keylog people?

  8. does this still work to keylog people?

  9. hi what is the best book that you think can turn a beginner into a python hero???)))

  10. can I install a different version of pyhook

  11. This is really intense music. I could imagine this being played as the background music to a zombie chase scene

  12. where to locate the log file?

  13. Can't find that wensite

  14. How do I attach it to chrome

  15. Please go a bit slower it is even better for you BCS your video can be 10 minutes

  16. Does this works for Python 3 ???

  17. "hack to learn Dont learn to hack"????nice video

  18. excuse me but your eyes remember me of my mom eyes 🙂

  19. 1:10, it's called libraries, not definitions!!!!!!

  20. I mean I just started coding and I really wish you could explain what you were doing

  21. How to apply it on incognito window??

  22. does this log uac's?

  23. can someone pl help me is not working

  24. How do you install the pywin32 and the pyhook

  25. i cant get onto the website

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