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How to Make ANY Girl Fall in Love with You FAST!

Gentlemen, today we’re showing you EXACTLY how to make a girl fall in love with you… FAST! 10 ways to get any girl to fall in love with you fast.

If you been with Mantelligence Dating for a while, you know how to get a girl to like you. You know every trick to get a girl to talk to, to let you talk to her, and how to get her attention.

…But today we’re not talkin’ about how to get a girl to like you, we’re showing you how to kick things up a notch and get her to love you.


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44 Comments on How to Make ANY Girl Fall in Love with You FAST!

  1. I mean… Capuchin monkeys though… They're definitely cooler than Elephants…. maybe cooler than girls, too?

  2. Rap on the e ternet

  3. Please talk English slowly.I am weak in English????????????????????.and also thanks for this video. It is very helpful to me.????????????????????????????????????????

  4. I have all kind of mental illness like obsessive compulsive disorder anxiety aids phobia…. anxiety panic attack sometimes the fear of death…. the fear of loneliness…. misophonia the hate of when some people make sounds… but if there is some kind of miracle to get rid of them forever which I wish it will happen sometime maybe :(… then my life will change and it will be easier for me to find a girlfriend or just marry the most beautiful woman I want.

  5. Google:YouTube Adam Atiyeh the champ To the TOP

  6. what if the only reason she dont like is like bc im fat af

  7. Im desperate right now

  8. I have hit a all time low by watching this

  9. My lucky cousin recently got his hands on something called Love spell. He recently found this email here on youtube (testimonyreads@hotmail. com)… And today he’s got his ex back, and he's got that stupid smile on his face again lol!

  10. Fact: Single life is awesome!

  11. 10. Get Busy
    9. Know Thyself
    8. Be Gentle Ieri
    7. Speaker Your Mind
    6. Be' Funny
    5. Take a Break
    4. Don't Be' Negative (FUN!!!)
    3. Get Good
    2. Resist The Urge
    1. Prepare ti Takeoff

  12. The ultimate tip: get rich

  13. 2:13 Jerks are actually Jerks


  14. So, I love a girl in my neighborhood, probably she loves me too.
    The thing is, I don't want to go chasing her…I need her to show some interest first.

  15. yep that animation is basically what football is like

  16. Make a girl fall in love with you by Friday
    Get abs
    Become rich
    Seems legit to me

  17. men doing all the work whats new….

  18. Here’s me trying how this boy got me

  19. Getting girls basically comes down to being confident.
    @Matt: Bro.. just go to GoogIe and look up "Unbreakable Confidence" (pick the top result)
    Those guides are epic for learning how to attract women.
    You'll probably find it super easy to get a girlfriend after reading those.

  20. A true way to a girl’s heart is food.
    If u go up to her and give her some food she’ll love u forever????
    So just give the girl some damn food

  21. i knew she was gonna say the Gentle jrk LAFMO

  22. IM A KID
    MY MOM: son what are you watching

  23. Oh it…it work thankyou we are already engage

  24. This is great advice but literally all of these things I’ve seen in prior relationships FROM THE GIRL.
    fakes, negativity, shallowness, disingenuous, overly agreeable, never agreeable, the list goes on and on.
    It’s a sad double standard really.

  25. Make sure you wear tight enough pants so that they can see the outline of your wallet

  26. Men arent "human beings", we're "human doings". Womens love is transactional. We're "loved" for what we can do and/or provide.

    Also, stop worshipping at the alter of the golden "V". Its a hole, not an all powerful mystical artifact, calm down.

  27. I am only 13 ????????☹️

  28. what if i don't party……

  29. Pilipino Story
    Pota kayo End

  30. Who the hell would immediately send pics of his privates to a woman? That’s both creepy and disgusting. This dude named Raul who I went to high school with would probably have done that. He was one weird guy back then.

  31. I think we all know the answer…


  32. Me: I’ve had a relationship with a girl
    Mom: No, no, no, you only 10 years old!

    Me: I’ve had a relationship with a girl
    Mom: No, no, no, you only 14 years old. You don't know what is love.

    Me: I’ve had a relationship with a girl
    Mom: No, no, no, you only 17 years old, you have to be busier on your school works.

    Me: I’ve had a relationship with a girl
    Mom: Emmmm… You are 20 years old now, when did you start the relationship with that girl?
    Me: About ten years ago.

  33. Its working ha ha haaaaaaaa????

  34. I love myself i got my shit together still they don’t care

  35. I sure this Chanel will be very use full

  36. Soy el unico idiota que quiere aprender ingles y conquistar chicas a la vez?

  37. Have a deep voice. You will get more respect and girls will be more attracted to you INCASE you didn’t know

  38. They aren’t attracted to Africans.

  39. i got a lover really

  40. That number 4 tho got me hard

  41. Good one….. amazing

  42. Guys give unlike to this feking video. Its totally useless

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