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How to make youtube videos (or other stuff) LOUDER!

A little trick for (most) Windows systems, ideal for making those annoying low volume videos (or other media) louder. Don’t forget to turn it off when gaming or listening to your favorite albums though!

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45 Comments on How to make youtube videos (or other stuff) LOUDER!

  1. BRO THANKS A LOT!!! Big help

  2. Just download the damn APO equalizer and you can make sound so loud that it will break your speakers.

  3. I can recommend Chrome extension Sound Volume booster , which mostly solved all my problems with quite video online.

  4. Action speaks louder than words

  5. Do I need any objects?

  6. Doesn't work with Windows 10

  7. Wow!!! Worked GREAT!!!! Thank you!!!!!!!!

  8. Thank you, it worked for me~

  9. You can also use Chrome extension Volume Master to make it a lot of louder:

  10. thx alot you saved my life
    try it guys

  11. right click where Einstein?

  12. Thanks a lot, it works!

  13. fuck me…good one

  14. thank you, it worked!

  15. In your system tray, you may find an icon on hovering that pops up "Dolby Digital Plus (ON)". Click on it. Along the bottom of the Dolby window that pops up, slide Volume Leveler to On. Shazam! (Windows 8)

  16. this totally worked for me, thank you so much! 🙂

  17. Rhanks dood you're a kool guy

  18. awesome it worked for me 😛

  19. I see a fucking bass boost button FOR FUCKS SAKE! WHO DIDNT TELL ME!??! >:D


  21. Not a good solution. This was far better: in the Realtek HD Audio Manager: klik the little pic of the graphic equalizer and then pump all the frequencies from 30 Hz to 16 kHz all the way up and save it.

  22. I'm using Windows 10…

    Apparently, the Enhancements tab is not there, is it something with the speaker device or it's just removed on Windows 10?

  23. Thanks This Helped A LOT!

  24. Thank you so much it helped me a lot! 😀

  25. I tried this, but it didnt help at all.
    the youtube videos are still lower than they're suppose to be.

  26. Adobe player and youtube sucks. Such a billion dollar company yet youtube doesn't have audio normalizer nor does Adobe player.

  27. thanks Niels Heusinkveld that realy helped me.

  28. doent work for me

  29. What about headphones?

  30. Much obliged. I'm saving this video to show it to friends so I too can enhance their lives in some small way.

  31. Awesome! Works fine, thank you very much!

  32. Fantastic! This really helped me!

  33. Niels, het werkt alleen voor deze video van jouw zelf! Ik wil nu net graag mijn buren wakker maken met een slayer album van youtube. Maar als ik die weer aan zet is DAT volume van de filmpje weer net zo hard als voor deze instelling was ingeschakeld. Hoe kan dit???

  34. zo mooi om een nederlander engels te horen praten, je hoort het ook echt atijd binnen 1 seconden.

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