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How to Map Network Drives in Windows 10 / 8.1 / 7 Tutorial | The Teacher

In this Microsoft Windows 10 tutorial, you will learn that how you can Map Network Drives to easily access share network resources. Map Network Drives in Windows is an efficient way to connect to shared network resources. Map Drives works as a shortcut and provide a convenient way to access network resources. From Windows XP to Windows 10, you can easily map a network resources from Network Places to as a Drive in My Computer.

In Map Network Drive Wizard, you have three options to choose…

8 Comments on How to Map Network Drives in Windows 10 / 8.1 / 7 Tutorial | The Teacher

  1. Do you need windows server 2012 for it? I did it with windows server 2012 and it works, but is it possible to do it without it?

  2. i don't have network location

  3. I have a question, My info technology class shows us how to map a network drive to get the files to learn the subject.( Our school is on Windows 7 ) My computer at home uses windows 10 and I'm wondering, am I able to map the network drive if I use windows 10? I want to know this, because then i could look at the stuff we did in class at home.

  4. fuck mother windows 10 fuck drictor van windows10…after upgrad noo ineternet in pc

  5. fuck windows 10 geen internet op me pc ???

  6. you don't need the music

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