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How To Mirror Windows 10 on The Amazon Fire TV Stick | Fast and Easy

An easy to follow, step by step guide on how to use screen mirroring to mirror your Windows 10 PC onto your Amazon Fire TV or Amazon Fire TV Stick.

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35 Comments on How To Mirror Windows 10 on The Amazon Fire TV Stick | Fast and Easy

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  2. Your Voice is Butter to my Ears

  3. Does this work without Bluetooth??

  4. I don't see this option on my Fire TV =/

  5. sound of computer does not play on projected tv or computer

  6. it's clear, crisp, precise, concise. And phew, relief, your voice is calm and calm, you do not put as much techno music or take the lead. I subscribed to your channel that I will discover later because you are good. I work in computer networks and I put an inch to contribute slightly to your funding. I'll be writing a note to my email or here, whatever you want. Thanks very much for mirrorong'bug (for me for example). I wish you a good day, sir. Today, it is 4:38 in the afternoon. This is the World Cup Soccer (home soccer). France-Urugay (currently 0-0). I love your nation because you are also patriotic (see the car races on oval circuit with the public who raises with the American anthem) In France this happens only during football matches. See you soon. Philippe

  7. Apparently not an option with the new Amazon Fire TV Cube?

  8. This was super easy to follow! Mine wouldn't connect the first couple times I tried. The third and last time I attempted this, I extended my screen first by hitting the "fn" button simultaneously with the "f8" button, and then I went back to the menu (bottom right side) and did the connect process again and it worked great! I use an Asus with Windows 10 if that makes any difference.

  9. it worked but its not what I'm looking for I trying to find out how to connect my fire tv to my pc so my fire tv screen can show up on my pc screen? anyone have any suggestions??

  10. Thank you for your video , it did all you say and tried all over again and again it just won't connect.
    I have windows 10 pro i can't get it running.
    any advice?
    Thanks Rene

  11. I went through all the steps and the Fire TV Stick gen. 3 will not connect to my computer running windows 10 with all current drivers and Miracast. The computer tries to connect and then says could not connet.

  12. never work for windows 10

  13. I am able to mirror my phone but not a computer. windows 10 never see the Fire TV., any idea.

  14. ???????? It works! Easy-Peasy. ????

  15. Hello what program is being used on the computer side to pair and mirror with the fire stick?

  16. it says could not connect

  17. How i can send only the "second mirror" of my computer?

  18. My laptop (windows 10) connects to firetv but the mirroring is horrible, the image look frozen, pixelated and black and white.

  19. Great instructions. Question – My DELL Latitude E6530 sees the Fire TV Stick in the WiFi list, but it asks for this, "Enter the PIN from the router label (usually 8 digits)". Below the PIN dialog window it also says, "Connect using a security key instead".

    Any idea why this is?


  20. Can you mirror with old laptops? Or does it just work over WIFI?

  21. I have a new Windows 10 laptop and just bought a Fire TV stick with Alexa. Your instructions were perfect, thanks.

  22. Quality is horrible and audio crackles and audio only comes from TV now and not PC as well.

  23. My fire tv stick appears on the connect screen but when I go to connect midway through when they're both connecting my fire stick just exits screen mirroring for some reason ???? why?

  24. mine does not work and don't even show up

  25. can you use your amazon stick on your laptop without tv?

  26. can someone help me, I have an HP Laptop and i have and hdmi port and
    the option the connect to a wireless display which i have done before on
    my laptop but it will not detect the fire tv stick

  27. wow it didnt work!

  28. The FireTV stick no longer supports mirroring from Windows 10.  Its on Amazons FAQ.  No more Mircast support from Amazon.  You must purchase a Chromecast dongle OR revert back to window 8.1. 

    The potential for hacked older fire sticks is there. 

    Its a bummer.  Microsoft nor Amazon have no intent on this working again.

  29. my fire tv doesn't show up on that connect list…

  30. Hi, can u please tell me whether the stick supports to cast with 60 frames per second or not? first with no connection to the fire tv you can check whether your computer supports it by visiting (with chrome or firefox) or just search in google "ufo fps test", you will see which fps your computer supports on the most top flying ufo, and then if your computer supports it (means you see the most top ufo flying and at the left side it says 59 or 60 fps,), then you try this test again while the fire tv stick is connected to your computer. If it only supports 30 fps, do you find any setting that can change it to 60 fps?

    Last time I bought microsoft wireless display and it didn't support and I sent it back to amazon. Thank you.. 🙂

  31. Love the video very helpful

  32. hi, I have the issue in yellow going on an on, so it basically doesn't connect.

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