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How To Play Pokemon GO On PC V2 [3 Mins TUTORIAL] Bike, Fake gps, iOS Hacks, Bluestacks Alternative

If Pokemon Go does not install by itself then you will need to do it manually. Here is how you do it:

Are you sick of the Pokemon Crashes and slow walking in Bluestacks? Then download Nox App Player Emulator To play Pokemon Go On your PC!

Read Description to learn how to get Pokemon Go On PC. strictly legal & educational.

[Check if the server is online:


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49 Comments on How To Play Pokemon GO On PC V2 [3 Mins TUTORIAL] Bike, Fake gps, iOS Hacks, Bluestacks Alternative

  1. does this still work?

  2. I am getting unauthentication error when I start the game

  3. unable to authenticate, why?

  4. I have latest Nox and latest Pokémon apk but it says unable to authenticate when logging in with both types of account, any help?

  5. guys this load pokemon go and when i put my acc its not working,it just load and load

  6. got the famous servers are humbled by incredable respose bs lol
    also will this work for ingress it loads but i cant seem to walk

  7. Hi buddy,

    Is it possible to connect with a trainer club account?

    Does anyone with a trainer club account has succeeded ?

    Thank you in advance

  8. Nox isn't downloading, it stops at 99%. Any help?

  9. Does this work with pokemon trainer club account?

  10. i cant install NOX cuz say card graphic outdated ? XD

  11. +CommunityGame hey there is a new update for pokemon go, the one with the buddy system and all that, could you please update the apk?!?

  12. can u do it on mac book

  13. since the new update

  14. hey bro just want to ask if this still works now, thank!

  15. new update needed but when I go to playstore its no avaliable for this device

  16. I can't get items from pokestops… All another is working

  17. Why does it lag so much I have much better specs than the requirements

  18. Its tell me to type a password to decrypt storage

  19. It's impossible to play because I'm getting lower than 10FPS!!!

  20. what do you do when it constantly goes to the Our servers bs?

  21. It still crashes every other time you open it hahah. Nice "Crash fix"

  22. help? servers are offline everytime it keeps saying that

  23. i can barely run it any help.. its suppppeeerrr laggy

  24. stays stuck at the Niantic screen but not like I would get a solution to it. Video publisher doesn't answer people questions….

  25. it always says the server is down

  26. im stucked at installing pokemon go it just shows the box that says allow google play to regularly check shits

  27. its stuck at 99% i enabled vt but still

  28. Hey! its a good tutorial, but can we log in with a Pokemon Trainer Club account?

  29. um i put my real age in and im under 18 so my gmail didnt show up what do i do i cant log in with gmail

  30. IF U HAVE PROBLEM WITH SERVERS, before opening pokemon go, change location to one close to where you actually are (worked for me at least)

  31. Ok.. did all the steps one-by-one, everything looks fine, however i cannot login as i am stuck cause of servers… bummer..
    any help, much appreciated

  32. unable to sign in Pokemon Go


  34. listen
    the download will take seconds to minutes so yea ill check it out

  35. This shit is so bad!!! When you go faster than car (train, plane) you are getting teleported to random paces like fucking 99999999km away from where you were! So BADD!!

  36. not really sure how to turn off my location on windows 7

  37. always saying server down..plzz help guys

  38. you see the servers are "down" when i log into the nox player but on my phone it works perfectly fine?

  39. how come when i log into my Gmail account it comes up with a message:
    "our servers are humbled by your incredible response.
    We are working to reslove the issue. Please try again soon!"????
    why does this message appear?! please help 🙂

  40. it loads up to 99% and then just doesn't even load after that or sometimes it freezes and says that its not responding

  41. thank u broth work 100●/●

  42. it says pokemon go servers are havng a hard time what do i do!

  43. Can't connect to the game cause of servers, but on my phone it works, any help?

  44. Help please, it stands : Our servers are humbled by your incredible response. We are working to resolve the problems, try again soon.

    Help? ;D

  45. hello i have just tried this and it just keeps saying servers are down

  46. It Says : Our servers are humbled by your incredible response We are working to resolve the issue . Please try again soon !

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