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How to Reboot|Reset|Shutdown a Router with Command Prompt

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Hacking with command Prompt for router reboot/reset/shutdown.
Hacking the router with command prompt for windows.
Shut down/reset/reboot router remotely.
Command prompt cool hacking tips.

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10 Comments on How to Reboot|Reset|Shutdown a Router with Command Prompt

  1. Y'all think that you're gonna be a hacker after a "how to reboot a router" y'all so damn stupid ffs????
    Great video man ???? keep it up

  2. ok. so how do i do it without the password

  3. it say's could not open connection to the host, on port 23:… what should i do?

  4. Excellent sir.. For my side

  5. if your router cant be connected to with telnet – try using a nightwatch bot to restart it through the browser ui. this bot linked here is specifically for the linksys EA2700

  6. so how to shut it down remotely?
    this is just a reboot tutorial.

  7. that mic quality tho

  8. I wanna reboot my neighbor rooter what do I do?

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