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20 Comments on How to Remote Desktop Access Windows 10

  1. It says only on remote settings remote assistance HELP;(

  2. How did you add your control panel and this pc icons to your desktop?

  3. A 4790k with 2 gig ram? :D

  4. how do u get vmare tools

  5. oh yeay i have windows 10 home not pro

  6. One thing i have to say i do not have xfinity. And the second thing is that the ip wont work

  7. A 4Gen PC with 2GB RAM.

    VMWare? :P

  8. This is only for windows pro users

  9. How can I remote my PC by an Iphone?

  10. I have a Windows 10 Home OS. It has Remote Desktop Services built in. I want to connect it to a Mac running Microsoft Remote Desktop application. I have followed your advice but I am not sure where I am going wrong. Can I use your tips in my case?

  11. I've a problem: i don't have the "remote deskop" section in "System properties". How can I have it ?

  12. how can find out the Staring port and ending pport on a wifi connection with xfinity moden

  13. How can I configure the Host Computer to accept WAN Remote desktop access only from a specific IP address?

  14. so if someone gets my ip and i do this im fucked.

  15. Hi Miguel what if I wanted to remote access two different computers under the same gateway can I port forward both of them? Thanks for the awesome videos btw.

  16. Amazing video, thank you

  17. Thanks for the video, I really appreciate this  information. Maybe in the future you can think about doing a video explaining how to setup a windows server machine to manage a few computers in a houshold, to do better shares across a home network, backup home computer files to the server, ip distribution, if active directory is smart for a home network?, and that kind of home power user type of stuff, which I'm having trouble understanding the basics of.

  18. Hi, how install programs from powershell (windows10).

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