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How to REMOTELY ACCESS Someone’s WEBCAM + MIC Without Their Permission! [Backdoor] [KALI LINUX]

DISCLAIMER: The information provided in this video is intended for education and prevention for cyber attacks. This video was created purely for entertainment/education, do not use any information with malicious intent, thank you.


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DISCLAIMER: this information should not be used with any…

32 Comments on How to REMOTELY ACCESS Someone’s WEBCAM + MIC Without Their Permission! [Backdoor] [KALI LINUX]

    Hello everyone! Because this video has received so much attention (thank you!) , I'd like to reiterate the fact that this information should not be used with any illegal intent, and is purely for educational purposes. If you're watching this video in hopes of preventing such attack, be sure you have a good anti-virus software installed, never download suspicious files without running a virus scan, and be aware what processes are running in your task manager. If you follow these steps, it''s very unlikely this can happen to you. #RoadTo10kSubscribers♥️ ALSO go check out my legal hacking service, link in description

  2. Can u look up number for me

  3. what are the packages i need to instsll to my vm?

  4. Was wondering if u can hack the cam from certain days ago …….is that possible? From dec 15 2018 like month ago?

  5. If the compiled exploit is on a shared drive, can i still do all this with the targets ip?

  6. im kinda stuck can you please help me swift

  7. obs he has tor browser

  8. Bro Yuo are hacker I now,you surf on Deep Web ,for this g
    you've got TOR Broswer .You are JOHN CENA

  9. but how do we do it wirelessly ?thinking emoji…

  10. this is quite sad that people are trying to hack other peoples webcams lol. There is no such thing as privacy anymore

  11. Dose it work on windows q0

  12. DONT GOTO THE LINK. It is an IP grabber


  14. Thanks, now I can watch that guy who killed me on fortnite

  15. hackgod1112@gmail .com ask him this question or related ones. Thank me sooner.

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  17. Kali Linux can access another PC's cmd??

  18. Me, at 0:00 Woah bro, thats alittle maybe illegal…

  19. How can I prevent someone from doing this?

  20. You deserve a sub ???? expecting more videos about kali linux from you

  21. Where did you learn this

  22. For the people saying the command is not found, use:

    PYTHON 2:
    —————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————-python -m install -U

    PYTHON 3:
    py -m install -U

    (This is for windows users)

  23. Necessary component missing
    Please run: bash /root/Downloads/Veil-Evasion-master/setup/ -s
    this pops up when id run

  24. use this on scammers only >:)

  25. New sub just because I see that you play WoW. Havend even watch the video

  26. puts tape over webcam

  27. i want to see casey nistat

  28. Hi i can give you 10 subscriber if you same do for me………

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