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How to remove popups / virus / adware / and malware on Windows 8 or 8.1 for free

Ccleaner Professional:

How to remove popups, virus, adware, and malware on Windows 8 or 8.1 for free

TOP infected Computers:

1. Erwin Vlogt – 365,500
2. MarceloPlayz – 346,219
3. Pilar Bendezu – 300k
4. The Sneaky Chaos – 98,529
5. Big-B – 10,846

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20 Comments on How to remove popups / virus / adware / and malware on Windows 8 or 8.1 for free

  1. Lmao got a virus from downloading tdss killer from beepingcomputer

  2. My viruses are gone but my internet explorer doesn't work pls pls pls help!!!!

  3. I did this but my internet doesn't work anymore and the check was already unchecked I don't know what to do help me!!!! I haven't played any games on my laptop in a month!!!!

  4. if i start up my pc the screen goos black and a _ keeps flashing

  5. When I first downloaded the malwarebytes it did not say todays date on the updates like you mentioned…..What does that mean?????

  6. I had 350k viruses that got cleaned thanks so much bro

  7. Thank You soo much

  8. ThankYou So Much! Got rid of all my viruses 😉 subscribed and liked.

  9. Thanks! You helped me remove my malware. You are awesome.

  10. will pictures still be in the computer

  11. My wifi doesn't work. So I can't download the things that I need.

  12. Mike, I really appreciate you your great video about how to remove all viruses and trash on my computer thank you so much thank you I recommended you to all my friends. the think is we need to follow the steps really carefully so we going to get it done ?? thank you once again you helped me.

    Saint from Germany

  13. still doesn't work,the only websites that I can go to is Google and youtube the others say unable to view or something like that

  14. Hi Prime, I followed all your instructions but still have a virus. Malwarebyte keeps finding the same Malware every time I do a scan, browsers Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer run really slow, with hour glass constantly running on each page. Browsers constantly stop and restart again and constant script problems. My hotmail & gmail accounts keep getting hacked, I constantly change my passwords. Cursor is intermittent after all your instructions not sure why. I also have McAfee antivirus but it never finds anything. Received spam emails from friends shortly before problem started. Can you help?

  15. Really good video it really helped me out thanks buddy keep up the good work ?

  16. Omg this tutorial was so helpful that my computer is not only very safe but it also runs so fast! It reminds me when I first got it for christmas 🙂 it was a month old. Cute baby laptop.

  17. Help me a lot!
    Thanks for share your Knowledge!

  18. Thank U Dude u helped so much

  19. Thank U Dude u helped so much

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