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How to Reset Windows 10 Password Easily [2018 Tutorial]

This tutorial will show you guys how to reset your forgotten Windows 10 password without third-party programs.

You need to have a flash drive or Windows 10 DVD if you have the flash drive then download the iso file of Windows 10 and create a bootable flash drive.

Link for media creation utility:

Issues addressed in this tutorial:

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16 Comments on How to Reset Windows 10 Password Easily [2018 Tutorial]

  1. Excellent Video! It worked perfectly! I just subscribed! God Bless!

  2. For the local (non-Microsoft) account this works but leaves the utilman.exe and cmd.exe swapped (renamed) and therefore unusable. You should have told people to restore the files afterwards! Also the "cd d:" in diskpart does nothing (should have just typed exit instead). What people should do after resetting their local password in go back and boot from the USB again and again press Shift+F10 and again go to d:windowssystem32 (or whatever letter is applicable instead of "d") and then:
    del utilman.exe
    rename utilman1.exe utilman.exe
    rename cmd1.exe cmd.exe

    Then reboot.

  3. Fantastic video. Solved the problem first time. Thank you so much!

  4. I highly recommend this video.. It worked and it is straight forward with step by step details. Thank you!!

  5. Sir is this process going to delete my any files.?

  6. Amazing tutorial dude, that worked perfectly. Thank you so much 🙂

  7. Thought this would fix it not. Cod does not come up on ease of use. Voices and that is it

  8. Cannot get to cod line

  9. Thank you for great tutorial I was able reset my password
    Great Job

  10. thanxx alot man….u saved lives

  11. Absolute fucking legend you just saved my sorry ass at work lmao!

  12. Thanks a lot ……..
    Great bro…

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