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How to Serve Pineapple

How to prepare and serve a pineapple. With just a few cuts your pineapple will impress your friends and be perfect for serving at a party. Fun and simple food trick.

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18 Comments on How to Serve Pineapple

  1. Who shares food??

  2. Pretty cool,huh!

  3. i love pineapple!!

  4. You cut Spongebob's house.. XD

  5. you know the pineapple
    has a hard and disgusting middle and you must cut it off!And when someone chew it he wil be disgusted………..

  6. How to serve a pineapple:
    Give the whole damn pineapplr

  7. I can't find pineapple at my stores ?

  8. Have you ever shown your face

  9. it's 3 am and i am watching about how to serve a pineapple
    i dont't even have any pineapple

  10. This is quirkology vid

  11. Pretty cool, huh?

  12. I love fresh pineapple.

  13. Next time, can you show how to make a watermelon concubine?

  14. Illuminati confirmed!

  15. Who lives in a pineapple under the sea???? 

  16. It's actually pretty important to remove the core in a pineapple, as it contains harsh enzymes that can make your mouth bleed

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