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How to setup a Hyper-V virtual machine on Windows 10

How to setup and install a virtual machine on Windows 10 and share internet from Host to Guest.

30 Comments on How to setup a Hyper-V virtual machine on Windows 10

  1. when i clicked "Add Hardware" it wouldn't let me add anything HELP!
    (Edit): also the vm i saying that it doesn't have a connection

  2. How do you setup sharing between main and virtual?

  3. If the VM is off does it give you the ram to your main PC ?

  4. That's an amazing video. But my windows lags! Which version of windows 10 do you use? Should i allocate more ram?

  5. No offense but, are you british? (srsly… im sorry. Not meaning to hurt ur feelings)

  6. My virtual machine is asking for a product key. Any way around this?

  7. why are the likes and dislikes disabled

  8. Do you need a brand new win 10 license?

  9. Great that was very informative

  10. So… what would happen if you would emulate Windows XP in Windows XP in Windows XP in Windows XP?

  11. You can look in task manager by going down to the taskbar where your icons are and then right click and then select task manager finally press "More Details" then proformance to check if virtualization is their.

  12. thanks really helpfull

  13. Thanks for the video. Everything worked fine except one thing: often when I start Hyper-V Manager in the host, it can't find the virtual machine. I reboot the host, restart the manager and the VM is there. Strange.

  14. pls write de traduction in spanish !!

  15. thanks for your video.i benefit from it
    Thanks alot.

  16. Thanks for the video but where do you get that Image file from do you have to first create an Image first?

  17. Do not install Hyper-V if use VirtualBox

  18. Good video – well done

  19. sounds like the guy who works for jagex

  20. You still need to buy an official ISO file from Microsoft? What a jib!

  21. Thanks for uploading this easy to understand video on Hyper-V. I wanted to add thumbs up to the video but it wouldn't let me.

  22. is it possible to create a virtual windows 7 machine on my windows 10 machine?

  23. my computer is home can i do anything about that

  24. my computer name doesn't show up on the hyper-v manager

  25. Great tutorial – and it is good to find one that does not have awful music playing in the background.

  26. excellent tutorial
    2 questions thou:
    1.What if i want the Network to be setup via wifi, because i don't have an Ethernet adaptor on my Windows 10 tablet?
    2. How to setup a virtual hard disk with the full capacity of it?
    Could you let us know please? Much appreciated

  27. Thanks for the video. Very clear.

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