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How to Setup Your OneDrive Folder in Windows 10

OneDrive makes storing, sharing, and saving files across devices easy and quick. Watch this tutorial to see how to get started with OneDrive.

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6 Comments on How to Setup Your OneDrive Folder in Windows 10

  1. Just use google drive plus with ms drive u get only 5gb free but with ggle drive yu get 15 gb free so…

  2. Files on demand disabled by default is very confusing for noobs, missing info for this in start screen config doesnt help too.

  3. Instructions unclear. Installed something called Google Drive. HELP!

  4. I'm glad that files on demand is back

  5. I got a new computer and installed windows 10 in it then my biggest mistake was to enable one drive all the files came in every corner and my new computer was full as hell

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