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How to Strike Matches on a Window – Zombie Survival Tips #29

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20 Comments on How to Strike Matches on a Window – Zombie Survival Tips #29

  1. this is wowwwwwww!!! pls pls do automobile hack. waiting for that!

  2. In the wild you will find a normal window to light your match… Boom

  3. You are the best thing to happen to You Tube

  4. Do old matches do the samething?

  5. remember kids, safety is the number 1 prior- ssss (burns)

  6. Cool…. But just use the bricks around the window???

  7. Where safety is the number one priority? This guy uses machines Guns. But its okay,#1 priority

  8. you can light the match on anything rough. concrete is good!

  9. Next time I'm lost in the woods I'll make I'm lost right next to the window factory

  10. uhm this is useful because zombies don't break windows in zombie survival do they..?

  11. I'd rather have something eat me then doing this 

  12. Where will you find widows in survival situvation

  13. It that glass breaks you could hurt yourself pretty bad, we can see in the video the glass almost bending!!

  14. Why the hell would anyone learn anything from this video?

  15. Are u crazy my finger will burn

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