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How to Use DROPBOX-Dropbox tutorial for beginners

Dropbox is one of the best apps out there for backing up and syncing files between devices. Setting up Dropbox only takes a few minutes and files sync in the background seamlessly.
Let’s look at the entire process from installing Dropbox for the first time on a computer, uploading a file, syncing it between devices and finally sharing a file from dropbox via email or link.
Then we will look at creating folders and organizing your Dropbox and upgrade options if you run out of space.


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44 Comments on How to Use DROPBOX-Dropbox tutorial for beginners

  1. Is db similar to Google drive?

  2. I never used dropbox before and you stated this is for first timers. Then you started going through like a rocket. Couldn't keep up. How about one for beginners?

  3. why cn i not get them back

  4. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  5. Ray Ramano you are very helpful! Thanks Ray!

  6. sounds good, doesnt work

  7. Dropbox working bad with Excel files. If autosave is switched on, antivirus and dropbox upload in the same time caused file freeze. Sometime it unstucks after pair of minutes, sometimes not. Windows 10, Office 365, any antivirus.

  8. i have a ? need help how do you free up space to put it back to zero or is it not possible like say if i have 1,000gb witch i do and i use 300gb how do you put it back to zero or cant you

  9. Reduce your caffeine intake by half and slow down! You click and move through screens so fast I have to pause this every 10 seconds to see what the hell you're talking about.

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  11. I have a movie on dropbox how can i watch it?

  12. Hi thanks for the video.
    I also use Dropbox and my question is why does it keep a copy on your PC, especially if you have hundreds of gigabytes as this just takes a lot of hard drive space, is there a way around this? Also if you save some files to DB on your desktop does it automatically save to the cloud, as i have found that some file were saved to DB on my PC but never showed up in the cloud and others that I work with said I never saved them there, this then created problems with which file is the most recent.

  13. For beginners? No it isn't, you're racing through without explaining anything. Too fast, I was lost after 3 minutes and gave up.

  14. Will Dropbox handle MP3 files?

  15. I have a question, Do you ever, have you ever, answered any of the questions posted here?

  16. Thank you for the video. Can I delete the files I have on my computers once I have saved them on Dropbox so as to clear up some space? Will the folders also get deleted in my Dropbox account?

  17. Thank you for the video. Can I delete the files I have on my computers once I have saved them on Dropbox so as to clear up some space? Will the folders also get deleted in my Dropbox account?

  18. A lot of Info, you need to slow down. I'm old I need to find a 14 yr old to set this up for me. lol

  19. Use this link to get up to 1.2GB more free storage when you sign up and download!

  20. Thank you for the great video information. One question as I too use Dropbox. Can you set Dropbox storage as an alternate Time Machine Backup on the mac?

  21. Create your acc here and get more space 🙂

  22. Great video many thanks.

  23. Really useful for beginners.

  24. So I could download them back on any device?

  25. I never share my files my email who's sharing with me I don't know how did ifind out who's sharing my email my files?

  26. What I wanna know is if I delete the app from my phone, will I keep the photos/videos saved on the app if I reinstall it on the phone?

  27. So the person I want to share my files with also have to apply for Dropbox, than we need to sync our computers? Am I getting this?

  28. How can i upload a dropbox file that is an audio onto youtube. I use andriod phone. Help please.

  29. This vid is not clear!

  30. i didnt download it idk whats going on tho

  31. Dropbox


    Dropbox 照您的行事風格運作

    Dropbox 台灣客服信箱

  32. Really enjoyed your video. You explain things in a clear and interesting way. Thanks!

  33. Great and considering but do third parties have access to my files

  34. Hi. Thanks for the info. I just subscribed. I have a quick question. I am using drop box to move videos from my PC to my IPAD for IGTV. I am looking for clarity on how to directly download the videos from drop box and save them to the IPAD so IGTV can access them. Any help would be great. I am just learning the drop box ropes.

  35. very useful video thank you

  36. Thank you for the easy to understand video! Dropbox seemed confusing but you made it clear to me. Great video!

  37. You didn't address the key issue of security and how you can limit viewing of a file

  38. I understand the idea of uploading files, but I like to remove the file from my laptop Hard Drive once I upload to DropBox and still have access to the file. Anytime I remove a file from my laptop Hard Drive i no longer can't access it via DropBox. Am I doing something wrong?

  39. How to upload emails to Dropbox? (paid Dropbox Pro)

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