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How to use Excel 2010/2013 – Basic Excel Tutorial Part 1

Learn how to use Excel 2010 and 2013…In this video I am using the 2013 version but they are basically the same. This is a basic excel tutorial that will teach you some of the basic excel functions and terminology. Perfect for beginners!
I am planning to do more of these excel tutorials, leave me a comment below if you found this helpful and let me know what else would be useful for you!

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18 Comments on How to use Excel 2010/2013 – Basic Excel Tutorial Part 1

  1. You are one awesome teacher!!!!
    Perfect for Computer Dummy like Me !! :)

  2. THANK YOU for this video!

  3. very helpful, i forgot how to use excel and i needed a to reboot my brain thanks

  4. Thanks for info!

  5. "I always have spelling on cause I can't spell" XD hahahah
    still a good tutorial man! keep up the work!

  6. This is really helpful because you show us everything from click to click.

  7. Thanks. Sharing is caring

  8. really handy , thanks for making it easy to follow and doing it step by step  which is what beginners need in an instructional vid. nicely done

  9. Really annoying video, the speaker speaks so slowly as though he is falling asleep. However  finally manages to get the point across. So thumbs up!

  10. Hi Matthew
    I followed everything you said, but the only thing that i had trouble with is… the formula bar showed 1000 but didn't show anything else. What do i do

  11. Hi Matthew. I need help. I want to enter a date with CTRL + ; but have it show up in two different spots on the same spread sheet. Can you help me? I want to do this on a spread sheet for work but I can't seem to figure it out. :(

  12. Great Tutorial!!!

  13. hello do you do online tutoring ?
    im trying to learn word excel office software for a new job

  14. Good Evening Matthew, thank you for your helpful tutorial :)

  15. This was a very helpful video. Thanks!

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