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How to Use GIMP (Beginners Guide)

In this video I will be showing you how to use GIMP, which is an image manipulation program and a great free alternative to Photoshop. This video will just be a basic beginners guide tutorial for new users to give you an introduction to GIMP to get you started.


Best Free Photoshop Alternatives:


Restore GIMP Toolbox:…

27 Comments on How to Use GIMP (Beginners Guide)

  1. In the text editor box, where you can choose different colors.

    How do you edit the blocks of selected colors? It keeps adding random colors when I only want 3 quick to access colors.

  2. Where is the download for Mac? someone please send me a link.

  3. i don't like gimp much????

    EDIT: After watching this video i am loving gimp! XD LOL ????????????

  4. Hi, do you have a tutorial on how to design a greetings card on gimp?

  5. Where find the correction on drawing?
    I did drawing for too rough!
    Can you find me the correction?

  6. how do i put a picture ontop of a picture

  7. My Gimp opens in black and white and doesn't seem to want to save!

  8. Great GIMP Tutorials 🙂

  9. This helped me so much all the other guides sucked

  10. hi how can i take a picture apart then place the parts on separate layers when i make a selection copy and past to a layer the entire pic is placed on a new layer ? thank you

  11. Ive been using gimp for awhile now, but all of a sudden, the colour/pencil picking thingy and layer thing disappeared! So idk how to get it back 🙁 help by any chance?

  12. Good video, but when I use the bucket fill tool on the eclipse layer it just blacks out the whole Eclipse tool even the color of the text. Do you know what this might be?

  13. Is Gimp any good on copy animation from games and paste them on Gimp to alters them? Is it any good to make 3d models?

  14. Gimp has a pretty funny icon

  15. thank u.. it's really helpful

  16. tried to bucket fill the image and the whole image went black that you could not see the hello. Where did I go wrong?

  17. Thank u for this guide with this I was able to do my holiday homework nicely

  18. Hi there, I am a complete beginner and this is a great video for me, very nice and easy to follow.

    I have a simple question, how did you merge the text and the first layer? You only have background and layer 1 with text. I still have background, layer 1 and lastly the text (3 layers)

  19. Can u do video photoshop on this

  20. How the fuck do you delete stuff

    i cant figure it out

  21. I want to use it right now for changing photos to look like they were drawn with colored pencil or painted.

  22. I can't stand a program with free floating windows where the desktop is exposed in the background.. Just gets under my skin.. Any way to change this to full screen instead?

  23. Thanks for the video looking forward to trying Gimp

  24. Help us with some animation on gimp

  25. When I fill in my oval it it just covers the word??

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